JAMIEshow introduces their Male BJD Resin Fashion dolls

Available exclusively at Angelic Dreamz are two new and very hot male resin BJD dolls.

Alejandro $295.00

Alejandro was spotted at a South Beach hot spot when Jamie was on a photo shoot.  His swarthy Latin looks swept her off her feet, so she signed him to her agency right away.  A native of Cuba, Alejandro spends his hot summer nights at the cool and hip night clubs of South Beach, drinking mojitos and mingling with the fabulous and famous. Alejandro comes as a basic doll 16" Tall wearing black briefs. His is a new skin tone.  He can stand on his own and does not include a stand.  

Lee $295.00
 Angelica was on a photo shoot in San Francisco when she was at a shopping spree, from the corner of her eye she spotted Lee.  A native of San Francisco Lee was working in the High Tech industry before Angelica recruited him for the Fashion World.  Lee is a natural with his rugged Asian American good lucks, he has all the ladies swooning. Lee comes as a basic 16" Tall doll wearing black briefs. His is a new skin tone. Lee can stand on his own and does not include a stand.

Check out the Angelic Dreamz website for more BJDs. It's a wonderful site for an amazing array of dolls, accessories, furniture and so much more including the JIE dolls seen below. 

2011 JIE-Doll Collection of KIDZ resin BJDs with interchangeable eyes


  1. Alejandro would be perfect if he came with a shaved head with stubble growing in, a full goatee, and a tattoo on this arm.


  2. These are cool male fashion dolls. I love the way they styled the hair of these dolls - it's just amazing. It's pretty interesting dolls, so I guess paying almost $300 is worth it. :)

  3. Wow at that price are they made of Gold?