Even More Reinterpreted Runway Fashions

Posted by Aruam on Dolly Daily
Left: IT's Jordan "Fire Within"                 Right: Louis Vuitton Fall, 2009
I love it in black, collarless, strong shoulders, longer sleeves. It works. Jordan's outfit missed the mark.

Left: IT's Lillith "The Great Pretender"      Right: Louis Vuitton Fall, 2009


  1. I agree about Jordan. Runway is so much better. I also prefer the outfit with those fierce boots!

  2. I see what you are saying. If you have Perk's Boots try them on. Looks like the fabric on jordan was lined maybe that is why it looks bulky. I do like it because it can be broken down as pieces to create other looks. I buy to redress and play.

  3. So funny! I just took my Perk Colette out of my wardrobe to have a look at her boots as I had the same idea as frjunkie81.

    I bought Perk Colette as, apart from liking her face mold, I loved that skirt. Now I'm really looking forward to someone posting the runway original to this "reinterpreted homage".

    Integrity cheaters...

    I'd hide myself and cry if I was so untalented as to have to plagiarize my entire line. But no, on the contrary, that stuff is being sold and publicized. That's what I call "chuzpah".

    And it works so well and I fell for it.

    It is high time to do as Nora did: leave that dollhouse.


  4. Oh, the great pretender...


  5. I also HATE Jordan's facial screening. So basic and lacking in quality. Was really disappointed in this doll. If you want your doll to look as good as runway, you would have to dye the outfit black. The pink color in this particular outfit does not work for me at all.
    I do not mind couture copies for dolls, but I DO want quality construction. If Integrity cheapens their line (heard them complaining about the costs of accessories), then I am gone. I can buy Mattel, if Integrity skimps in quality couture--and that includes SHOES, especially!

  6. I quite liked this Jordan's looks and bought her at an irresistible price at Marl and B's, which consoled me over the fact that there were no tights or a purse. But I did not like the outfit.

    Too many bulky puffs.

    This comes from downsizing designs intended for real life. Obviously, the sleeve ends couldn't be done accordingly (or would it have been too expensive to do so?), and so the smartness of the original has all but disappeared.

    I find this all so disgusting.

    People are an entity: cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on your firm. Cheat on your designs, you'll cheat on your manufacturers, customers etc.
    You may of course regard this as some kind of integrity.


  7. I would have so much preferred the colour version in the original fashion. Agree on Jordan's outfit, a total missed.

  8. It is funny how everyone gets all bothered because of the designs, we get mini replicas that sometimes some of these may not reflect completely how they lay on a human body. Yes the fabric looks heavy but you have to admire we get that Mattel is now trying to tap into this market if you don't like don't buy I surely have stopped boarding because of this whinery! I am sorry If I am letting the best of me go but seriously the company is growing and we get way better quality than any other lines, and actually they have always accommodated me when I have complain but more like constructive criticism. People seriously act like adults. No need to be so negative and derogative towards a company that it is expanding and making strides to try to give us amazing products although there is something for everyone now.

  9. Can't we give suggestions for improvement, without being labeled whining complainers?
    Don't like, don't buy is just not good advice. Sometimes, you LOVE a doll in the promos, but in real life, it falls flat.
    I do not feel anyone is "bashing" Integrity. I am a HUGE fan (just check my paypal records!), but I don't have to blindly love everything they do!

  10. @Anonymous:

    There are several reasons why some collectors are very offended by those who say anything they consider "negative" about what they collect.
    1. They take it as a personal insult of their taste;
    2. They want to look good in the eyes of the designers;
    3. They do not want others to dislike their dolls as the perceived value might drop;
    4. They are the type that cannot go against the flow.

    I understand all of that and I have felt the same about some dolls.

    I once posted on a doll board that I loved my new Paul Pham Devon and that she has the most beautiful body of any BJD I ever had. Someone jumped in and stated that their particular dolls were the best and most beautiful, etc. My statement of admiration stirred something in that collector that was akin to what we see here.

    Is the latest storm of controversy is over the copying of designs? I don't know. Personally I couldn't care less if they copy because I do like great design. I'm not in competition with the designers therefore I do not care where their inspiration comes from. It's fun to see the source, though.

    A few years ago, Jason joined a group of designers who were banding together to try to put a halt to the ripping off of their designs. That caused a stir because collectors were very aware of the copying that doll designers do. It was humorous.

    Adults do compare and contrast. Think about movies you've seen. Did you ever leave one and say that the movie sucked? Have you read books that you couldn't get through because they were so poorly written? Plays on Broadway close. Clothing lines go on sale because no one likes them. Consumers have to evaluate and give feedback.

    It seems that everyone knows everyone in the doll world and no matter what you say, if it's not neutral or rose colored, you are stepping on someone's toes.

    Some collectors with other agendas use this to further their own plans and to garner attention. That goes right back to the four things I said at the beginning of this response.

    Some evaluate the dolls and fashions; others evaluate other collectors.


  11. Agree with You Terri @ sorts. @ the last anonymous that I'd the point if you are completists then you buy everything whether u like it or not! If you have your own style then you buy what you like/love. As an example Poppy Parker is a beautiful dill created with a tine period of fashion in mind. I love the sculpt but I don't collect retro mod, now there is 3 in particular that even with their mod outfits are timeless and I own. Never the less I am a deboxer, and redresser. I bought those non to say that I have kinda getting a liking to period fashions with her in mind. I have come to the realization financially an mentally I can only afford so much and fit in my house dolls that would be key pieces in my collection and there is a few who I have let go and planning on letting go of more. The value is pointless and those of us who sell get slammed because of value but you know what? Then they decide to sell for even triple what u sold the doll for. So just keep negativity to a minimum and appreciate the doll company that makes your dolls. You don't have to low everything. Growth is inevitable and actually for them to be doing that good right now is damn good. Considering all that is happening with our economy. Look how now a major manufacturer ha become more ethnic friendly and trying to get our business more. We will see hiatus product that more often than not is laughable will actually be.

  12. I saw Terri's link on FB to this thread...it's interesting to me because I don't think there's anything wrong with people voicing opinions, negative or otherwise. It doesn't reduce my enjoyment of what I like in the slightest. If someone ripped apart every doll I loved, it wouldn't make me love them any less. I don't take it personally at all.

    As far as the runway fashion reinterpretations, it certainly looks like the designers at IT have drawn inspiration from a lot of different collections. It's not a big issue for me, although it makes me wonder how much Jason is involved in the process...since he's a known designer himself, I assume he'd be very sensitive to replicating other designer's fashions, even if it's in doll scale.

    Personally, I'd love to see more of his own actual runway designs scaled down for us, which is why I'm hopeful for the FR2 and Monogram lines, since both are supposed to be based on his own designs, or so I was told.


  13. I think that from now on I should pay Integrity and the other inspired companies with my homage
    to the Euro, USD, GBP or JPY.

    I do have some great inspiration as for the design of this "dolly money", making it up as close as possible to the original, but maybe changing its colour for reinterpretation reasons.
    On the other hand side I'd want my thoughts to flow as free and unhampered by any genuine creativity as possible.

    As a compromise I could also very well size my homages down (the price, too) to a 1:3 or 1:6 scale, according to the respective doll.