Woodstock to Pittsburgh - Tuesday October 26, 2010

We left home at about 11 AM. Now we have a large SUV and it was loaded. Hubby asks, what are we going to do with the dolls you bring home? I didn't even think of that.
The ride was about 7.5 hours long with two stops, a few naps and some silliness with the iPhone camera. Rudy was a little trooper as usual when we travel. Check in was smooth although there was a line. I recommend that anyone checking in use the kiosks to save time waiting on line.
We settled in, unpacked and went to eat. At about 10PM I took Rudy to visit Kazue and Denise T.'s room. That put me right in the mood. Kazue was unpacking some OOAK Blythes. They are gorgeous. The elusive Marui Misaki was on display along with Momoko and many Misakis I had never seen. They are so delightful.
I was not going to buy a thing tonight but walked out with the Red Rabbit Misaki. As part of the "Misaki Madness" she was on sale for $99. Sold! It didn't take me long to make that decision. I have wanted her ever since I saw her.

For those that are not familiar with the doll, this is Integrity's picture of her. 

We're off to a good start.


  1. That's such a great price for the doll.

  2. Well, that was a good start =)

  3. @Ana...I'm afraid of what's to come. LOL. Hoping for some bargains in the shop - Gene stuff perhaps.

  4. So cute! I've been growing weary of all this Alice in Wonderland stuff, but this is a great twist!

  5. Wow that doll is great!!! and for that price.. wohoo.. I hope u have plenty of dolly-fun..

  6. WOW so jealous! I so want her, but wish she was on sale. Lucky!! Enjoy the convention and Rudy is so adorable!