Pittsburgh on Thursday - Day 1 Convention

When I go home I'm going to have to go to a rest home.

Registration was a breeze. We got a nice big empty FR box and hopefully it will be finished with the new Veronique. The box does not say FR2. It is a regular FR white box.

Many of us camped in the lobby outside of the salesroom like a bunch of addicts. When they opened the doors a cheer went up which could probably be heard where ever you are. The salesroom had Azone in one corner, MFD and Kio items in another corner, Steven Fraser's Dressmaker Details on a long table on one side and the rest was filled with the new dolls. There were some older dolls being sold but not as many as I expected. The best items were the sealed grab bags which ranged in price from $15 to $60. These were at the register and they were worth more than the price for sure.  At the check out counter were tubs of plastic shoes and Barbiesque solid black sunglasses that were free for the taking.

Everyone was wondering what FR2 would be. So far it's a doll whose facial expression says, "No you didn't!" or "You have to be kidding." Kyori is very pretty. The Twin giftset was surprising with the new sculpt. They do not look at all like Lillith and Eden! Their hair is very cute with streaks of color. They will be popular. Poppy's clothes from the giftset are adorable. The new Poppy has the nicer original eye screening. The Count looks like a count  - dark and brooding. Adele looks like Adele from the past. Eugenia is pretty in a big purple gown. I will have to examine the dolls better to give a more detailed appraisal. At first glance the collection is OK with something for every taste. There is little ethnic variation. Perhaps the centerpieces will provide the WOW factor. One can hope.

Are we going to get Vanessa? I'm guessing Agnes will make her appearance tonight.

This is the stuff I got today. Picture was taken in the sunlight coming through my window.

This is a mixture of doll items for 1/6 and 1/4 scale. The things in the upper left were registration bag swag items. I traded a nude Monogram doll that I already owned for all of the Kyori giftset clothes - gown, suit and sequin dress. The Flight Kyori and her accessories were a grab bag item for $35. Dressmaker Details 1/4 scale dresses without shoes were $5. Can you believe it? The dresses with shoes were only $10. I paid as much at $7. a pair for the shoes in those bags.
It's difficult to see but on the right is a pair of George's new shoes for the 16 inch gals. Those are going to be fun. The beautiful blue and pink dress in the lower right is also an Angelic Dreamz item from the JamieShow dolls. I was happy to get it separately. I loved it the first time I saw it but it was on a doll. I purchased a Poppy body for $20. There were bargains to be had.

More later. Gotta walk the dog.

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