Pittsburgh on Thursday - Day 1 Convention - Part 2

There was a violin player and a piano player during the cocktail hour. It was very nice. When the dining room was ready we entered to booming loud music and found our table. The centerpiece at first looked like Agnes but turned out to be Dania with an updo reminiscent of Firefly Agnes.

She was holding a spider web in which a "fashion victim" was caught - apparently some time ago. The skeleton was dressed in RuPaul's jeans and a Kio wig. The shirt is a mystery.
Dania was wearing a very pretty black lacey dress with a shadow striped black fitted jacket which looked great once the big bow belt was removed. Her shoe/boots were pretty cool with a see-through area. Three people got to buy one of the centerpiece dolls. One of them got the skeleton web thingie as well.
The service was excellent with very well trained solicitous staff. I was quite impressed. There was no loud music during dinner so conversation was possible and we were able to meet eachother and have nice chats over dinner.
Spicy pumpkin soup was the appetizer. It was delicious but I couldn't eat it due to the heat of the spices. Dinner itself was two big chicken breasts with a large portobello mushroom cap and squash covered with melted cheese and a little sauce. A big clump of rice was underneath the chicken.
After dinner some of the people who found the hidden keys got to play "What's behind door #X?" Mike Basala won a comped 3 day stay at the hotel. The second person won the 4 original Dressmaker Details outfits and the third person won a snuggie. It was very funny.
We got a doll whose story line is that she is a model. Her name is Kesenia. I do not think she will be very popular with that mouth.

What do you think of her?

Hourglass Kesenia

We received the first part of our giftset, a lovely piece of lingerie.

And now I must go to bed as I am scheduled for four workshops followed by the Dynamite Girl workshop - all in one day.


  1. I think we need to get used to the new dolls... speaking for myself, I am never a big fan at first look, but then (sometimes) they grow on me, and I can become really hoocked by them (that's what happened with Poppy Parker dolls, and with Elise Jolie) =)

  2. Sounds like a great night!

    Kesenia has lovely eyes and wonderful hair color. But she must not have worn her retainer or dental guard when, back in 9th grade, her orthodontia was removed too early because she had been "discovered".

    I think she needs to try Invisalign.

  3. It is very nice to read your comments. You always have a very different point of view!!!

    So the shirt was a mistery... I´m interested!!!

    I think the mouth looks a lot like the Monsieur Z dolls..

  4. She kind of looks like a mini Antoinette with that wide forehead, bedroom eyes, and exceptionally haughty look.

  5. That's the best picture I've seen of Dania thus far. I wasn't too impressed with her until I saw your photos. They might as well have added fangs to Kesenia. I'm posting anonymously, but you know me, Huntress!

  6. I don't like the shape of Kesenia's head and her mouth looks very blow-up sex doll-ish.