Pittsburgh Convention - Friday

I'm sitting here eating candy corn and trying to decide if I should just go to bed or post because it was such a full day that I'm exhausted. But before I write more about the dolls and workshops, I want to say that my table mates are the best. They have all been generous with the gifts exchanged. I'm so happy to see Teri and Laura again. In addition, it's been so much fun to get to see, in the flesh, the new collector friends I've made this year. Who would have thought that as I get older, my friends are getting younger? They are beautiful, lively and fun people who add a vibrant dimension to my collecting.
A big difference at this convention is the food. It's as someone new has taken over the kitchen or our hosts are paying more for better food and service. The difference is like day and night.

Gotta go to sleep. One picture of my centerpiece from tonight.

Who is this doll?


  1. You got Anja? Congratulations! She looks like a gothic Veronique.

  2. It seems to have been a fabulous day... and that center piece... wow, it's wonderfull!! The resemblances with Veronique are definetelly there, she's a gorgeous!!

  3. SmittenKitten10/30/10, 8:05 AM

    Aww. I'm glad to see you too! And so happy that Michael got to meet you:) See you soon....