Mad Men Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winner and five finalists in
I would love to see Mattel continue to do contests such as this one which shows how collectors are using their dolls creatively. Be sure to read the text under each entry especially those written by Lorrence Dungca and Debbie Breeden which are very thoughtful and personal.

Here is the announcement reproduced in its' entirety:

Cameron Conrad
From: San Francisco, CA
Photo Description: “Don Draper at the Museum of Modern Art. This photo I created was inspired by a Norman Rockwell painting of a man in a grey suit holding a hat while gazing into a modern American abstract painting of the mid twentieth century. The paintings in the photo were painted by myself. I felt it would have been very probable and appropriate that a character of fiction of that era would visit a museum of modern art. I hope you enjoy my entry as much as I enjoyed creating it.”      


Lorrence Dungca
From: Vacaville, CA

Photo Description: “Have You Dreamed of Falling? Mad Men’s opening credit sequence is actually what made me watch the show. It depicts a silhouette of the male protagonist falling from the top of a skyscraper and then lands smoothly on his chair, striking a confident pose with a cigarette dangling from his fingers. My photo entry is based on this contemporaneous Mad Men’s opening credit sequence with my BFMC Mad Men Don Draper doll as the male protagonist falling from the top of a skyscraper. To emulate the seductive advertising images of the opening credit sequence, I placed my Barbie and her box next to my Don Draper doll's box with the iconic Mad Men show title graphic. The doll boxes are positioned as part of the dreamlike Madison Avenue skyline. My photo "Have You Dreamed of Falling?" and Mad Men's opening credit sequence can have a symbolic or even literal significance, often indicating a feeling that life is spiraling out of control on some level or by believing that the only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone. But happily for me, my photo "Have You Dreamed of Falling?" is my exciting and visual declaration of falling in love with Barbie, and of course, the fantastic Mad Men show”

Harrison Bernal
From: New York, NY
Photo Description: I was inspired by the Vanity Fair photo shoot accompanying a written piece entitled "Smoke, Drink, Man, Woman" by Jonathan Kelly. It appeared in June 2008.I feel that my portrayal best represents both the BFMC collections as well as the iconic characters of Mad Men.
Zlatan Zukanovic
From: Los Angeles, CA
Photo Description: "Who Says it's a Man's World"
Debbie Breeden
From: Richmond, VA 
Photo Description: Betty Draper gives Sally her very first Barbie Doll! Sally had been having trouble adjusting to her new baby brother Gene (season 3 episode 6) so Betty decides to give Sally a gift, supposedly from the baby. Betty hopes this gift, a brunette bubblecut Barbie, will help Sally accept her new brother. The show Mad Men weaves important historical events into the daily lives of its characters. I feel the addition of the Barbie doll to the story signifies the historical importance of Barbie. On a deeper level, Barbie has been bringing together people (both young and old) whether it be in clubs, online chat groups and more, for over 51 years. Betty Draper somehow sensed that Barbie might bring her daughter closer to her family. Of course, TV dramatizes events for the story, and Sally was skeptical at first about this gift. But I believe in time she grew to love her Barbie as much as the rest of us did when each got our first Barbie doll! In fact, my first Barbie was also a Brunette Bubblecut which I received for Christmas in 1962! With all the photo ops possible, I had to choose this one! I enjoyed using some of my vintage props to create this photo!  
Maryann Roy
From: Harwinton, CT
Photo Description: "Flowers for Joan." The gift of flowers always makes a girl feel beautiful and wanted. Joan Holloway-Harris takes a moment to reflect and enjoy her lovely home.
The original images and text in this post can be seen at the Barbie Collector website.

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