The Good News Is and Gene Who?

Robert Tonner has not abandoned the Tyler Wentworth body. Those of us who still love dolls with developed breasts and hips are happy. Antoinette is cute but Tyler was my first 16" fashion doll and I'm so happy to have kept some of my favorites. I recently got these two fashions and unpacked these two gals to model them. Both are former Theatre de la Mode dolls.

The doll on the left, Purely Platinum, is now on a fully articulated body and is wearing "Dancing on A Cloud." This outfit consists of two parts. A long slip is worn underneath a stiff taffeta bodice with an attached feathered ballroom skirt. The belt is sparkling silver with a rhinestone buckle. Rhinestones adorn the sheer sleeves. Sparkling silver pumps finish the fashion. I don't recall if the rhinestone studs came with the outfit but I don't think so. It's totally over the top romantic and old fashioned. I love it.

On the right is Tyler "Boulevard de la Mode." She was issued with a fully articulated body and was probably one of my absolute favorite Theatre de la Mode dolls because of her hair which is pulled back into a mass of curls. She is now modeling "Captivatingly Coy," a brand new outfit from Tonner's new "Gowns by Anne Harper" line. This line promises to be the answer to the question asked by many Gene Marshall collectors: "Now what?" I have seen this fashion on a Gene body. On Tyler it fits loosely at the back of the hips and derriere. This enables my Tyler to sit without the snaps popping open. It may also be the reason it fits Gene.
I changed the shoes from the black patent pumps because they are lined in red and the red shows and looks bad. I also added a little dangle to her rhinestone earrings.

Dancing on a Cloud is on sale for under $60 at Tonner Direct. Captivatingly Coy is too new to be on sale although you may find it discounted off the retail price of $114.99.


  1. Just gorgeous, Terri! I'd like to take lessons from youB)

  2. They are just beautiful, I have just recently purchased 4 of the Theatre dolls and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I love what you have done with yours. We are never too old for fashion and beauty in our dolls!!!