Deluxe Fashion Closet from Tonner Doll

Just in, a wonderful doll wardrobe for the 16 inch inhabitants of your home.
I'm guessing that the closet is white because the picture is in black and white. The door mirrors show to be full length and it looks like something is on the left side of the closet as well.

What looks like an angled stripe is intended to be a reflection of the table upon which the wardrobe is resting. As a photographer, it's not the easiest thing to represent a mirror especially when you don't want anything reflected to show up. I might have digitized a surface pattern which represented a mirror better. Do you see the thin strips of mirror (?) on the left side of the closet?

We can guess that the height is about 18 inches.  As far as Antoinette's wardrobe... I don't remember if it was white but it looked gorgeous when I saw  it at IDEX.  Here is my photo from that display. It seems that a few changes have been made to the interior and that's a good thing. The more hanging space the better.

My photo from IDEX 2010
$250 is not cheap but I'm sure collectors will buy it as the last time a substantial wardrobe was released for Tyler was in 2002 at $99.99 and it's highly sought after now.

 I still love mine although I store most of my doll clothes in boxes or in large baggies and lay them flat in tubs. This item is a Tonner Direct Exclusive. That means that you won't be seeing it for sale at Tonner dealers at a discount-or at all.  Comes with 6 measly hangers. Come on...give us at least a dozen hangers and throw in some full length hangers, too.

I think these wardrobes are great for shoes and other pretty things that you want to see on a regular basis. The drawers are good for lingerie and folded sweaters. The angled shoe shelves would be better if they were flat although it's more attractive this way. The open wardrobe makes an interesting backdrop for a dressing room or shop type of photograph unless a dog gets in the camera lens instead.


I sent a query to Tonner Direct yesterday with the questions listed below. I have not heard back however my email was acknowledged.

What color is inside the closet? Is it vinyl or fabric lined?
Is the mirror on the doors full length?
What color is the exterior of the closet? What material is the outside of the closet?
Is there a latch or is the tassel the way to keep the doors shut?
What are the measurements and if possible, the weight?


  1. At first I was excited when I saw this, but then realized it has the same flaws that most trunks have; there's not enough width for so many of the "poofy" wide dresses, the shoes will fall out easily because of the slant (those band type things on the shoe shelves don't hold squat), and there's only room for one doll. I think that for $250, I could build a custom trunk. Time to get busy!

  2. Meh, I just want to know where I can buy Rudy!

  3. @Dani: I've been offered a lot. LOL. He will be at the FR convention but not for sale.