First the bad news; then the bad news. Both sides of Thanksgiving Barbie's neck are cracked and she has two black marks on the back of her right thigh. Just when I was so happy with myself for buying her...UGH.
I have written to BC.Com regarding the issue and offered to send pictures. I hope they offer to replace her at no cost to me. If not I may try to put tiny bits of crazy glue into the crack.

I am so glad I deboxed her.  I can't stand leaving dolls in boxes. I opened up the inside of the box and took these photos using the interior of the box as a background. I need to work on the bottom of the first image a little more to fill in the blank areas with the floor pattern.


  1. How disappointing to see that the doll arrived with defects. Good photos though. The backdrop works great as a background.

  2. Sorry about the doll defects! I think Barbie Collector doesn't do exchanges. You have to return the bad one and get a refund and buy a new one. I have seen this issue pop up with dolls that have sold out and although the buyer gets a refund they can no longer get the doll. Good luck, maybe you will have better results.

  3. Laura - I'm afraid you're right. Thankfully it was a lower priced doll.
    How much are they charging for cracks these days?

  4. Can't you just put her head on another Barbie body ( buy a cheap one) and redress her with this Barbie's outfit.. ?

  5. RE:
    Anonymous said...
    "Can't you just put her head on another Barbie body ( buy a cheap one) and redress her with this Barbie's outfit.. ?"

    Did you understand about the feet and the stand? And, why should one have to buy an additional body for a new doll?
    Are you a collector?

  6. Ugh. How annoying! It seems like it's always the things I'm so happy to get that end up being screwed up somehow. This is pretty bad though, I mean yikes! I wonder if anyone else had neck crack issues.

    And geez, no! You shouldn't have to buy anything extra to fix a brand new doll! That's not your job! Hope they speed you through the refund process and you can get another one!