Vintage Reproduction Little Miss Revlon Dolls from Tonner

Anyone who knows anything about Robert Tonner knows he adores the vintage Miss Revlon doll from the 1950's.  It's not difficult to see why his reproductions of this favored series are so adorable and true to the original dolls.

They're so similar in fact, that they don't have the articulation we've come to love in more modern dolls. I wonder if and when these dolls become popular, will they evolve to a more articulated body.

I asked Tom Courtney why is the word "pink" in two of the doll's names. He replied, "it's a nod to the original pairings of names and cosmetics. In fact, one popular doll style was 'Kissing Pink'...and was even used if the outfit had no pink at all."
That's a cool factoid. So there was indeed a relationship between the cosmetics and the dolls if only in the name.

Photographs of the first three in the line have been released.
Frosted Pink

Perfectly Pink

Queen of Diamonds 
The MSRP is $124.99 and each is a limited edition of 500 dolls.

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