Picture of the Week ~ Wilco Vreeburg

Our featured photo today was created by Wilco Vreeburg also known as Wilco in Holland or Wilco in the Netherlands on the doll boards. Wilco posts mainly on Prego, The Studio Commissary, ICOG and the Yahoo Avantguard groups.

His picture is of the Avantguard "No Exaggeration." No changes have been made to the doll - as they say on Prego, "she is factory."

She has a very 80's look with the short flippy style Monique wig and the saturated make-up palette. Her coat is Tonner's 2004 "Ashleigh" and the sweater is also a Tonner product from the 2003 Tyler "Suitably Pink" doll.

I asked Wilco to describe his set-up and camera. Here is his response in excellent English.

"I used a big board and a white fabric to make a set-up directed into [facing] the natural light of the windows."  Only natural light was used.  "I use an Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom."

His suggestions regarding doll photography is to let one's own taste and creativity reflect in your pictures. "If you don't have a studio or lighting like me...make sure you  use natural daylight."

In my opinion, Wilco nailed the 80's look superbly. This image is one that might have been on the pages of a fashion magazine of that era. She also reminds me of the character from the series Dallas, Sue Ellen Ewing, played by American actress, Linda Gray. That show ran from 1978 through 1991.
Linda Ann Gray

Thanks to Wilco for allowing me to feature his photo! Great work.


  1. Congrats mate on your picture of the week award!!!! Cheers!!!


  2. i love this no exag. pic (=

  3. She reminds me of Linda Dano.