Haute Doll "Boutique" Closes September 15, 2010

The last orders for remaining merchandise in the Haute Doll store will be taken in the next few hours. There's not much left but what remains is seriously reduced in price. 

The "La Dolce Bambola" gift set was originally sold for $510.00 non-members/ $500.00 members  It is marked down to $300 now. This is a 1/6 scale French resin BJD of 29 cm or 11.4." Lingerie plus two resin wigs and two outfits makes this a fairly attractive package is you like the style of the doll. I think she'd be prettier with a different face-up and a non-resin wig.

I don't know anything about this doll other than what the listing says: "NRFB 1990 Barbie Style Special Limited Edition collector doll #5315. $7.99
Anyone out there know something about this item?

Miss Sydney World has been listed in the HD boutique for a very long time. She was originally listed for $160 non-members/$150 members and is now on sale for $79.99

"Traveler Innoquii" is one of a series of four porcelain dolls from Superdoll.  This one was HD's exclusive and was so unpopular that they wound up including her for a very low price if one purchased another doll that was also hard to move.
I've been enabled by other collectors who were so excited at the sale price of $75., that their excitement was infectious and I ordered one. She's going to have to have that black eye removed to live here.

If any of my readers remembers her original price, please let me know. (Note: I've been advised that her original price was $300.)

There is one other doll available - literally. There's one Royal Red Jac Tonner doll. @$150.


Those of us who had subscriptions to Haute Doll have been handed over to Doll Reader. I have been sent a link to the October 2010 issue. It's not exactly a magazine for which I would purchase a subscription. I have, of course, received an offer to pay for a subscription. I have no idea when my HD subscription was supposed to end.

When my pirate doll arrives I will discuss.


  1. Hi Terri,

    I believe Innoquii's price was initially $300.

  2. Terri, which doll magazine do you think would be a close version to the late deceased Haute Doll?

  3. Hi Terri,

    Is her black eye removable?

  4. Innoquii was originally $300, slightly less than her UK sisters.
    I bought one for $75, and she is my favorite doll now... she has a quality all her own and her costume fits Bambola ironically.

  5. Hello Terri!

    I am so glad you posted the latest Innoqui's price of USD 75,00, as I'd almost e-bayed her for 100.

    Now I'll wait and see if she makes it through German customs. Even if they charge a plus of 19 % on her and the shipping (40 USD), this will still be a bargain.

    Hopefully I'll be able to do something about her black eye... and I hope dearly I'll get her before Christmas.

    German customs are a real nuisance!

    Best regards


  6. there is a letter coming with your HD magazine . check the upper right corner of the letter, it tells you when your subscription will end.

  7. Regarding the question about another doll magazine, I recommend FDQ.