Has Gaga lost her sausages?

It was Fashion Week after all but I don't think we'll ever encounter this on the runway or on a doll although it would be pretty funny. A little minute steak, some heavy white thread, lots of rhinestone jewelry and voila! You have made a fashion statement and stinky doll. It would be a great doll for the Fashion Royalty travel doll competition. Dark Romance? Vampire meat lover?

One of Lady Gaga's costumes for last nights MTV awards was a dress made from raw meat. It was accessorized by a hat, purse and shoes made from meat as well. It looked quite fresh, too.

Writer Sharon Clott posted this comparison between Lady Gaga and a painting by Mark Ryden called Incarnation.
Has Gaga lost her sausages?

For more of Clott's article and pictures of other MTV fashion, click here.


  1. When Lady GaGa first came on the scene, I loved her. Now...I'm honestly getting tired of her. Yes, she's controversial and outspoken; now I'm thinking of her like a weed that is literally taking over the pop scene as well as the gay scene. I can't tell you how many of my facebook friends literally WORSHIP her...it's insane and I'm getting fed up.

  2. Mark Ryden is more interesting to me than MTV, sorry I'm old, LOL.

  3. She's become way too over the top for my liking.

  4. I think a lot of this particular dress was meat coloured/patterned silk. There was also an all meat dress and meat bikini made. Her shoes were meat covered. (Like leather)

    I think her artistic point was that she isn't just a piece of meat. She has a brain and she won't be manipulated into living by anyone's rules but her own. This includes PETA. She loves to piss off and she loves to get people thinking.

    People following her music and it's various messages will note that she stated in the long version of "Telephone" video, "Once you kill a cow.. you gotta make a burger" (the meat was to come)

    From an artistic point of view, I get it. She challenges people to think. It's a fashion ststement. Like her Alexander McQueen outfits/shoes earlier in the evening. He knew before he passed what she was all about. He left her the drawings and a ton of original outfits. She was a muse of sorts to him.

    As an artist.. I get the expression and love it. It stimulates the mind.

  5. @James: I loved the McQueen gown. It was spectacular and truly a work of art. The meat gown was funny. She is very clever and creative and knowing.