Picture of the Week Award ~ Al Gudka

I came upon this stunning photograph of the new Mini Avantguard doll Androgyny on the W Club board.

 Property of Al Gudka

Al's photography is  a favorite of mine. He's a master of composition. You will come across his posts not only on the W board but also on Doll Divas and BC.Com.
Here are the answers Al sent to my questionnaire:

-This gorgeous doll is the Mini-Clone Androgyny AvantGuards with her original wig
-No changes were made to the doll itself, but I did release the wig's ponytail
-She is wearing the Barbie by Jonathan Adler dress; corset and stockings from Aerodynamic Vanessa; shoes from last year's W Club Eugenia; jewelry from Flight Pattern Kyori
-The Hows:
  • The camera I used was a 15 megapixel Canon Powershot G10
  • For the backdrop I used a white foam-filled poster board; doll is leaning against it
  • The only prop was a little desk fan that doubled as a large industrial fan in 1/6th scale
  • For lighting I used a cluster of three 35 watt daylight florescent bulbs placed directly in front of, and slightly above the doll, at approx 6 ft away.  I hung a large sheet of tracing paper 2 feet in front of the lamps.  This diffused the light and made it look like natural light.
-My inspiration for this shot was some behind the scenes footage of model Gisele Bundchen during a photo shoot.
-The biggest suggestion I would give to budding photographers is to get acquainted with Photoshop.  It can transform a dull, lifeless photo into a brilliant, high contrast eye-catcher. It is also indispensible when it comes to white balancing your photos if your camera can't do it properly.  I see so many beautiful photos that have been unintentionally marred by green or yellow color casts. 
Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, Al. 

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  1. wow... it really is an amazing photo! Beautifull restyling too!