Great Sale on Gene Marshall Items at Integrity Toys Direct

Madra Lord "The Jeweled Cat" is on sale for $139.99. That is a bargain at 1/2 of retail. Many, many more dolls and fashions at very good prices. Go!

Integrity Toys

Added on August 18th:
There are other items on sale, too. But as Uriah commented below, none of us was notified by email or announcement that there was going to be a sale. I think they're afraid we'll crash the server - we've done it. Hehe. More power to the collectors!


  1. Terri, Thank you SO much for this lead! I was able to purchase dolls I have wanted for so long, but could not find at an affordable price. And I also bought a couple backdrops so I can try photographing my dolls with the great tips you posted the other day! Words can not express my gratitude enough! What did I say before?...Oh yes, You Are A Treasure!! Hugs from Helen

  2. Helen: I'm so glad this was helpful to you.

  3. Hello again!

    Maybe the dolls I wanted to buy were already all sold out? So that's why I was always being rejected when trying to check out?

    Oh well then...

    Petra from Germany

  4. while i'm glad you posted this, i'm not happy with IT that there was no email to the W Club first. if they're going to view us a captive audience/market, they should at least pretend to cater to us.

    having said that, i did email to see if these were seconds/returns/whatever because I would think that Jeweled Cat would have sold out. this is the response i got that that inquiry

    "The dolls in the shopping cart are brand new, NRFB and complete."

    it was part of a very friendly email that was a reply to my very friendly question.

    i'll let you know if it's not complete.

    they could probably sell some of the ITBE if they just sold the fashion alone, because some of those dolls people are going to just throw away.

  5. ok, i said i would follow up and i am doing it now. i ordered the cherry smash fashion and the jeweled cat and then emailed to make sure they sent me complete items. i wouldn't care if they were returns, i just wanted the outfit complete anyway.

    so, what I got was NRFB items. no flaws. some obvious light shelf wear. so i think the doll was in a store or display space, but was not the display doll. somewhat strong glue smell to the packaging.

    for the price, i'm happy

  6. Hello, I'm hoping to receive some input as to how I can sell my Gene Doll collection which I started in the late 1990's by ordering from Ashton Drake. I have about 30 Gene dolls (Covent Garden, Destiny, Bird of Paradise, Creme de Cassis, etc) and about 20 outfits (Holiday Magic, Safari, etc..) I'm not wishing to make a fortune, only to sell them reasonably, as they're beautiful and all NRFB...they just take up so much room and I've not even removed them from their Ashton Drake packing box, and I'm downsizing so would love to sell the collection in its entirety. Thank you! Cari

  7. @Cari:
    There are two excellent Gene related boards that you can post your info on. One is Studio Commissary. Do a Google search for it.
    Or, you can email me with a list of your items. We can arrange something so that I can act as your agent as I've done in the past for others.
    My email address is on the "About Me" page.