A Day of Ennui with Robert Tonner and Ellowyne...sigh.

Today I attended a luncheon at the Wiltwyck Country Club which is only 13 miles from my home. I love that I live so close to the Tonner hub. Who knew when I moved to Woodstock that I would be collecting dolls? It's really a big coincidence...or is it?
Anyway...it was fun. Everyone looked great. There were the usual fantastic raffle prizes none of which came home with me. I consider the cost of my 80 tickets a donation. There were competition dolls and all of them looked like winners to me.
Upon arrival we were greeted with a cute canvas tote inside of  which was an Ellowyne item of clothing or outfit, a book of Ellowyne poetry, some postcards and a catalog.
There was a big bowl of lovely mood rings at the registration table. Mine didn't change color until I put it inside my bra for a while. Hey, a table full of women usually gets a little raunchy.
Dessert was good and I would have been happy to have eaten just that. It was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on a puff pastry shell drizzled with either chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce. And then the server brought a trough of whipped cream to the table. Heaven. I love whipped cream.
The centerpiece was Prudence:
The event souvenir was Ellowyne "A Day of Ennui" (of course):
The companion doll was Amber, "No Ennui, Just Me!" I didn't even know this character existed! I love her snooty face.
All the dolls have inset eyes and applied lashes. I think that makes them even more special. The additional dolls were $150. plus NYS tax which is 8%, give or take a fraction, bringing the total to $162.
After the event those who wished to purchase additional dolls did just that. There were plenty of dolls to buy. I'm guessing the extras will be offered through the Tonner Store so if you are interested, keep an eye out for announcements at the Tonner Direct website.
We were invited back to the store after lunch to have dolls signed and to spend more money. Everything in the store (except event dolls) was available to us for 20% off the current price. Dealers do not carry Wilde Imagination products so there is no discount unless they go on sale directly from WI.  I made up my mind before I left the luncheon that I would buy the Wilde Rose Vanity and Stool I have been eyeing for two years.
Image property of Wilde Imagination
Yes, I had controlled that impulse for so long (while ignoring others and letting them run rampant.) But I broke down and ordered it. After all it was a bargain at 20% off.  I wanted it-emphasis on the word wanted.
Do you notice how effectively I have stopped buying dolls larger than 12 inches tall? Now that I have Ellowyne dolls again, they need a little furniture, right?


  1. funny.
    i was there yesterday, too and my mood ring would only change to purple while on me. that color wasn't on the provided 'guide' list!
    (it's my fave color tho!)

  2. Thank you Terri for the gorgeous pictures of the dolls!

    I'm torn between Pru and Amber...both are really lovely. That's the first Pru that I've actually liked ALOT!

    Did you notice the fabric on the Ennui Ellowyne looks like it came from the Ellowyne robe fashion "I couldn't care less":


    The robe is a work of art...I only have a few Ellos and that is now my 2nd favorite fashion next to Wilde Rose's dress!

    I have the Ello vanity and I LOVE it. The quality is excellent and it is so pretty! I love that the drawers work and the painted roses on it are really lovely. I highly recommend the vanity...can't believe more people aren't excited about it as it is what got me started on Ellowyne!

    Here's a link to my Ello wearing the robe sitting at her vanity:



    Connie in PA

  3. Connie: I think you may be right about the fabric although the coat fabric has less of a sheen. The colors are the same! Your photos are delightful. I love the vanity. I know you collect Tiny Kitty, right? I wish I had bought her vanity when it was available - the dress shoppe trunk, too.

  4. Hi Terri,

    Yep, I'm obsessed with Tiny Kitty also!

    The vanity is usually pretty reasonable on Ebay...usually cheaper than the original price!

    Here are two pictures of mine that I found:



    I love the skirted vanity and wish someone would make more skirted vanities as I have a weakness for doll bedrooms!

    I had the Tiny Kitty dress shoppe trunk but sold it. It was too pricey for the quality...the trunk itself was too much paper and cardboard for the price I paid. It does display very nicely though but it's big and at the time it had to be sacrificed for pay for new dolls coming in!

    Connie in PA