Disturbingly Low Prices on Dolls on Sale ;-)

Today Maddies Dolls (Canada) announced a sale on Gene Marshall, Fashion Royalty, Avantguard and some Mattel dolls. The  Avantguard doll, "No Exaggeration" is on sale for $140.  Is anyone else gagging?  It seems that everyone is trying to dump the last three Avantguard dolls. Perhaps the next release will take into consideration the desires of collectors. That would be nice.
I say 'disturbingly low' only because I paid full retail for some of these dolls and it wasn't even that long ago.
I'm used to this happening with Tonner dolls but not with Integrity dolls. Ugh.
It also seems that the ITBE line is so unpopular, they can barely give them away. That's what happens when you call an inexpensive doll an "entry level collectible." My Monster High dolls, at retail, cost less and come with cute accessories and trendy/funky clothes.
Here is the link for Maddies Dolls. They do ship internationally.


  1. Well it seems that Integrity's marketing plan has finally caught up with them.

  2. this happends all the time
    i waited 3-4 years when the first nadja come out
    and she sold for a lot
    and then the first time i went to the wu convention i got 6 of them nude for 15 dollars each

    plus there to many big edition numbers and that over flows the market

    but i always wait for the dolls to low there prices

  3. @ayuki-

    yes, it's true that if you wait you can get things cheaper

    but this is different that getting a cheap nude doll in a baggy of a dressed doll that had sold out. this is getting a current collection release that never sold out at a huge discount. probably just at cost for the dealer. it's probably a loss leader for them in that they expect you'll order a few other things too.

    it's unusual to see the type of discounting in the current release cycle.