Picture of the Week ~ Rob Redden aka Uriah

This is Integrity's "The Red Queen" as photographed by Rob Redden. The lace reminded me of thin strands of white chocolate. She looks like a cupcake decoration - delicious and delicate. I love the intense color and the creamy softness of the focus.
Rob's been doing an exciting series of images of this doll. I normally post only one picture of the week but I wanted to add this one as well to show you a little of the variety he's working with.

Each photo has been highly manipulated in the computer and that is, IMO, Uriah's forte.

Today, two of the doll boards had as their featured image the first one above! You know when you're doing something right!


  1. Wow- these are both great shots. Rob really knows how to bring out the drama in his models.


  2. Thanks, Terri.

    I really enjoyed editing those shots.

    It was quite odd to be featured on both DD and PP at the same time, but PP has already cycled to a new image...so it was a fleeting moment.

    Life is good.

    Thank you for posting this.



  3. I so luv these pics. It really capture the essence of the doll.

  4. the first shot is just so incredibly amazing. and perfect. i never tire of gazing at it. i would love to have it, framed. (=

  5. To Anonymous: I think if you contacted the artist, you might be able to get a print and have it framed on your own!
    If you need help contacting him, email me and I will get you two together.