Mattel Loses Bratz Doll Appeals Court Ruling to MGA

Looks like the giant, scary Mattel isn't all that powerful in the courts these days.
I thought this statement by an Apellate Panel Chief Judge, Alex Kozinski, was very true and just:

“Even assuming that MGA took some ideas wrongfully, it added tremendous value by turning the ideas into products and, eventually, a popular and highly profitable brand,” the appellate panel said in an opinion written by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. “It is not equitable to transfer this billion-dollar brand, the value of which is overwhelmingly the result of MGA’s legitimate efforts, because it may have started with two misappropriated names.” 

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  1. I was rather stunned when Mattel went after Bratz, cause it seemed like a ridiculously childish ploy to "destroy" the competition.

    It's nice to see that, finally, maybe the lil guys CAN make something of themselves w/out being squashed by the "giants".