Better Pictures of the New Wu Madame Alexander Dolls

If you have been hunting down images of the Wu designed Alex and Paris dolls, your search is partially over. The Matilda Company has published enlargeable images. Perhaps we can convince Matilda to take Mahogany Alex's sunglasses off.

Alex - Styled by Jason Wu

George of Angelic Dreamz was kind enough to inform me that he has posted large pictures of the dolls as well.  His pictures are excellent and less clicking is involved. I'm sure he'd take off her sunglasses but the dolls haven't shipped yet.

Alex Signature Collection Styled by Jason Wu


  1. Thanks very much Terri! Very helpful. They definately look like Jason's Wu's dolls! Very different from the older Alex dolls...fashions are great for sure. Hope to see some owners pics in the future!

  2. Is it just me, but I've noticed the prices are similar to the FR , yet the dolls have more accessories.

    Very pretty dolls.

  3. I liked the old Alex dolls because of the pertly benign expressions their make-up palettes created, but these Wu dolls have sleep-eyed, draggy make-up that do not flatter their facemolds at all. The purple eyeshadow on the blonde Alex makes her look a bit beat up, and Paris looks like a larger scale FR Dominique Makeda...because she was such a hit, right?

    Alex never really received her due, but I'm pretty sure the relaunch is going to be a hit despite what I think about the new dolls. Good on Madame Alexander. Integrity better watch out--MA is getting more Wu than they are!

    Thank you for the picture links! :D