New Madame Alexander Alex & Paris Dolls Designed by Jason Wu

The pictures available at this time are of a very poor quality. They are lo res and very small. That being said, here they are anyway.
There are four dressed dolls - two Alex and two Paris. There is a set of accessories and the description is a little vague as to whether or not it comes with a basic doll or on it's own.

Here are the two new Paris dolls:
She looks a little like Cher.
Graphic Content Paris $149.95
Going Platinum Paris $149.95    

When I saw Going Platinum, I immediately thought of the older Alex as "Gigi":

Here are the two new Alex dolls:
"Virtually Stunning" Alex $149.95
Virtually Stunning reminded me of the older Little Black Dress Alex:
"Mahogany" Alex $149.95
"Luxe Finishings" Accessories $99.95
We've definitely got signature Jason here with the short skirts and fabulous shoes. I wish the faces were clearer.
I always thought MA's Alex was beautiful. It was the proportions of the body that were awful. The head and hands and feet were too large. The quality was always superior and Madame Alexander always includes the best accessories with their fashions. Has the body been redesigned as well? Will older MA fashions still fit. We will find out.

Notice that these $149.95 dolls are complete ensembles and come with handbags, jewelry, hats. They are original Jason Wu's. They are limited editions. All good things.  
Why are we paying that price for smaller dolls without accessories in higher editions and not even designed by Jason?


  1. Promisng launch collection! I wrote to Madame Alexander to find out if the older fashions would fit, and hope I hear soon.


  2. Yes, where are those FR accessories?

  3. I wish the images were better. From what I see of Paris, I like. The Naomi Campbell-looking Paris from the past definitely needed a makeover.


  4. That's a really GOOD question.

  5. I might be willing to venture back into 16 inch dolls if Paris face up is as pretty as it seems. I have a few packed away from possibly 2002-2005 and thought she was very tranny looking. This girl seems more feminine.

  6. I love Alex, while I know not everyone is a fan, she was my first larger doll and she holds a special place in my dollie heart. I love her fashions and I found her to be a more modern but traditional doll with great accessories. I love Mr. Wu and all of his work and own many of his dolls, but first Gene, now Alex, I just hope my Alex is still Alex and not something totally different, does that make sense? Better pictures would help for sure as it is difficult to see the faces and so I will reserve my judgement for the time being. I buy Jason's doll for their attitude and think they are fab, but I don't want my Alex to look like FR dolls. No offence to Mr. Wu. :)

  7. If the actual dolls look this good or better, I'm definitely interested. I love the original Alex, own quite a few and many outfits. But she definitely needs a "freshening" if the line is to remain viable. I'm not an FR collector but I've collected Gene since 1995 and whatever Jason Wu brought to that line was all to the good, as evidenced by the fact that many IT Genes are actually HTF on eBay and elsewhere.

  8. Isn't that was is great about collecting and having so many options, that we can all have our like and dislikes and there is somthing for everyone!

  9. Well the changes seem to be for the better.
    I tend to agree with the postings that she needed a "freshening" and that I hope she remains recognizable after all the changes.
    I really wish that with all the money that is spent on creating and marketing these dolls that they would release pictures that actually showed the doll in several angles and without a lot "assistance" from photoshop.
    Terri, your pics have always given me a clear idea of what the doll actually looked like...while some companies always shoot the same doll from only one angle..the only good one it has.

  10. Hello Terri!

    I read about the latest Alex dolls on your blog the day before yesterday. As I quite liked the Graphic Content Paris, I googled around.

    At matildadolls.com (this is no publicity, I am not connected with them, I found them whilst googling) you can see a close-up of the dolls' faces.

    I wonder where they got them from, I couldn't see those close-ups even at Mme Alexander's.

    I've always wanted at least one Mme Alexander Alex doll, but I also disliked the strange proportions with the older dolls. So I pre-ordered a "new" Paris (somewhere else).

    I hope very much that this will be a good buy, as the price is quite elevated and my country's import tax and custom's duties are so as well.

    Let's wait and see, at least it's a Jason Wu with a handbag.

    Best regards


  11. Well I pre-ordered two dolls today. I am a little concerned as I would love to see the dolls sans glasses etc. but I collect Alex so I though I would jump in! I will definately post some pics when they arrive. I hope they will fit my other Alex's fashions!