Haute Doll Confirms: Ceasing Publication

Here is the full text of an email I just received from Haute Doll:

Dear Valued Partner:

We wanted you to be among the first to know that after many wonderful years of publishing Haute Doll, we have decided to turn the publication over to Madavor Media/Doll Reader. Our last issue will be July/August, 2010.

We have decided to retire and go on to new adventures.

We know that Doll Reader will provide a great home for Haute Doll and will continue publishing Haute Doll within the pages of Doll Reader as a special supplement. Doll Reader has a strong reputation and following within the world of dolls and has the largest circulation of any doll publication. Their editorial content is written by world-renowned experts, and they keep the doll enthusiast up-to-date with the latest happenings.

The first issue will be included in the October issue of Doll Reader. Madavor is committed to serving all current subscribers and will provide you with additional audience of passionate, enthusiastic and loyal doll subscribers within their Doll Reader to expand your reach.

Madavor Media publishes other titles and manages trade shows including IDEX – the premiere trade show for dolls, bears and other fine gifts. These publications and shows are No. 1 in their respective fields in the collectible, sports, music and enthusiast markets. Through its print and digital magazines, trade shows, Web sites, e-mail newsletters and other partnerships across the publishing industry, Madavor offers unique ways to communicate with passionate consumers who are eager to learn more about products and events that support their interests.

We thank you for your support of Haute Doll over the years and have enjoyed working with you. We are excited that through Doll Reader, Haute Doll will be able to continue to provide excellent content and beautiful photos of the most fashionable dolls in the industry. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Madavor Media’s subscription department at 1-800-437-5828 or 617-706-9110.

Warm Regards,
Marlene Mura and Karen Caviale
Publishers, Haute Doll


  1. this reeks of them washing their hands of everything

    it could have been handled in advance and more gracefully.....oh well.

  2. SmittenKitten7/20/10, 9:59 PM

    Doll Reader and Haute Doll? Hmm. Will they put FR and Sybs in the laps of those newborn and toddler dolls? I just don't see it. A strange combination indeed.

    I hope they can pull it off. I just wonder how much of the magazine will be dedicated to Haute Doll? On the flip side, this should work out to the advantage of FDQ:)

  3. @SmittenKitten: If I comment they will have to kill me. ;-)

  4. No loss there. It was beginning to read like a commercial catalog of dolls of which I have no interest. Page after page of Sybarite shilling at the expense of dolls that are far more popular with collectors. Hideously edited - the editor's letter in one issue referred to the first lady as "Michelle O'Bama". (Who's the ambassador to Ireland...Paddy O'Furniture?) Busy, unattractive layout, and no doll news that can't be found online.