What to do when sad?

I was looking for a good stock picture of a Farrah Fawcett doll and I got caught up in looking at pictures of the real Farrah. I started to feel the tears come when I saw the gaunt face and pulled muscles on her face because it reminded me of my own mother's face in her last months. So I present not Farrah, but Michael, whose loss does not cause me emotional pain although it is a great loss to the music world. He was such an incredible talent and such a damaged person. It's all so sad.
What to do when sad? I began hunting for a fabulous 1/6 scale Michael figurine. There are a few around and their prices are rising fast. I'm not going to get it. However, not one to walk away empty-handed, I did find these little Michael figurines and ordered a set from Japan. Each represents a different song and there will be a 7th "secret" one.


  1. I am one who cried when MJ died. I was a huge fan as a child. I felt sad.

    These figurines are so cute.

    Thanks for posting.

    RIP to both MJ and Farrah!!

  2. I felt really sad and still do about MJ.

    I had a crush on him as a child (when he was cute).

    Thanks for posting these adorable figurines.

    RIP MJ and Farrah!