An Angel with Black Wings

It's been a dolly overload week, beginning with following the events of the Tonner Convention and proceeding to the hunt for a well-priced convention Antoinette. I found out that I was one of the lucky winners of the Tonner virtual convention drawing. That was a surprise! Then Madra and Zita arrived. And on and on. More dolls, more stuff, endless. It was one of those weeks that led me to wonder if I had a life outside of dolls. Not good.
Of course the constant rain here in New York didn't help the situation. Even the dog didn't want to go out.

I shot hundreds of frames (as we used to call them) and I am presenting several here. In these images, my Aphrodisiac Avantguard is wearing Idyllic Antoinette's ensemble. The feathery things were in Toni's hair originally. I inserted them into the back of the gown and they look like wings to me.
These are my pictures of the week!

I thought it would be fun to post a picture of the set during her photoshoot. The background paper roll is on a stand made for that purpose. I'm using two Photogenic strobes which need to be replaced due to color shift. In the meantime, I am color correcting in Photoshop. I use a Canon EOS50D camera with a Canon 24-105 F4L lens.

Regarding Idyllic...she is a perfect doll! There's not a single defect. How refreshing. Cameo was the same. I have fallen for these little beauties. Here's the original Idyllic:

Who wears it better?


  1. Great pictures! Love Aphrodisiacs wig!
    I really loved to see your photo set, so professional!
    That is so fantastic that dolls actually can be made without defects! That's how it should be.

    Wishing you sunshine!

  2. The photo is GREAT! I love how u style the doll, and that wig is amazing!!

    I would like to know if you will review CC Vanessa...

  3. Ghost - Here is my review of CC Vanessa:


  4. Oh thanks a lot!!! I am planning to have one.. but was wondering how ugly she was.. and it looks like it is all about her hair.. Right?

  5. The only problem I found was her hair. Many have been able to trim and condition it. Did you buy one yet? I have one for sale! Check out my stuff for sale. The link is on the right.