La Vie en Rose by Robert Tonner for the Devereaux Sister Dolls

La Vie en Rose is one of two outfits that were available at the store event this past weekend. At first glance it looks fabulous. At second glance, it came out of it's box. The third glance, after I finished dressing a doll, said FRUMPY.
Let's start with the hat. What were they thinking? It reminded me of a bonnet from Little House on the Prairie. I tried it pushed up, pushed down, net down, net up and nothing made it look as good as when it was off the doll. The trim is cheap looking. One word describes this accessory - UGH.
We'll continue with the handbag. What size doll was this made for? A Kish Riley, perhaps. Someone made a big mistake with these accessories.
By itself the coat is gorgeous. The fabric is a beautifully rose-colored woven fiber with faux fur. The top 'button' is silvery balls. The dress is a simple georgette sheath with a gathered v-neck bust-line and a ruffled hem. It looks nice on the doll but nothing special or new. The hosiery and the gloves appear to be the same fabric - there's no problem there. The shoes are a little clunky-looking but I suppose they go with the period the outfit is meant to represent. Put it all together and WTF? Where is she going? Open school night and then to the corner bar? This outfit is just horrendous. If it makes Rose Rogue look like a well-dressed bag lady, then something is seriously wrong.
I do not recommend this ensemble unless you are willing to use the pieces to mix and match with other items in your dolls' wardrobe. Retail price $89.99.

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