Back to Black Natalia's Outfit

The outfit from the IFDC convention doll, Natalia Back to Black, arrived the other day. I was so excited to get it but not very excited about the results. The fabric does not have a drape so the bottom has to be arranged and it's difficult to get it to appear natural. I actually thought it was a sequined fabric - not. The complicated belt took me more than 30 minutes using fine jewelry tools to get it on properly. I added the earrings and the black ring. The cuff bracelet falls off. Bracelets for FR dolls are so useless. There is a strange hook on the right shoulder onto which a flap of fabric attaches. There is something really odd about that appendage. However, the shoes are very nice.


  1. Thanks for the review of the gown. I won the doll thorugh the club drawing (didn't everyone who entered?) but was unsure about the gown as I am not a gown person.

  2. frjunkie819/1/08, 6:30 PM

    My lady are the shoes like Shapeshifter's Natalia?

  3. Her shoes are much prettier. They are black & gold and fit nicely.