Joe Tai's "After Party" Ensemble for Silkstone Dolls

I don't buy outfits for my Silkstone Dolls. They wear most Fashion Royalty clothes easily. This was an accident. After I bid on it, I realized that it actually said Silkstone in the title. Maybe one day I will learn to read carefully.

It is Savadoll eBay store exclusive from Joe Tai in a limited edition of 60. I paid $53.89 plus shipping. He currently has it listed at $59.88.

The ensemble consists of the dress, gloves, boots, shoes, necklace, earrings, bracelet, beaded headband and purse. That's a lot of stuff. For a Joe Tai, this is conservatively designed.

The fit of the dress and boots is excellent. I didn't even attempt more than 30 seconds on the gloves as I could tell it would have been hopeless. I would have preferred the shoes with this outfit but the buckles were so tiny and I didn't have the patience. The necklace and bracelet were extremely difficult to secure.

Below the pink belt, there are several layers of thread fringes. I used a comb to straighten them. I would have liked to see shiny rayon thread for the fringe. This is probably a matte poly/cotton blend.
I recommend the outfit to re-dressers with patience. Be on the cautious side with Joe Tai clothes as they stain if left on a doll for extended periods.

Ryan at Savadoll is wonderful to deal with. Although located in Canada, his shipping is very reasonable to the USA. He responds to email quickly and has excellent feedback.

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