'Cacao Noir' A Devereaux Sister's Outfit

I was informed that the Devereaux dolls have a smaller bust size than the standard Tyler doll. Since I was not going to keep the dolls but I loved the look of the clothes, I decided to debox and try to fit them on one of my 16" dolls anyway. I was thrilled that the Cacao Noir fit very nicely. The model is Ghost of Christmas past whose hair has been restyled. I think this is a very beautiful doll. She has the same smoky eyes as the sisters do.
The gloves were fairly easy to put on which was a big plus. I did take Ghost's hands off in order to insert them more easily into the sleeves of the dress. It was snug but fit like a dream. The hat is perfect for the period and the outfit. And I guess the shoes are, too, but I don't like them and switched them to black pumps for display.
I recommend this ensemble to all. The big problem is the hefty price tag of $89.99.
Cacao Noir is a limited edition of 250 and is available from the Tonner Store directly.

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