Photo of the Day and a New Doll Board

Here's some incredible eye candy for you from LBx/France. Do you think she is a Numina freak?

I love the rainbow wigs and Qipao. For those readers who may not be familiar with these dolls, they are the creations of Paul Pham, 16" resin BJDs.  http://dollcis.com/

The photo was posted on a new doll board called FBJDMingel. 


  1. Beautiful!

    Great news about the new board too- I'm fairly new to fashion doll collecting (2 yrs) so haven't been able to join Prego since they seem to have a policy of excluding new collectors from joining. :P

    1. Email me if you'd like me to recommend you for membership in Prego. That's the only way to get in these days. I'd be happy to do that for you.

  2. I'm glad to see new forums!
    thanks for letting us know about this one.
    As always love the blog
    Will C.

  3. thanks for the Blurb about our new Board Terri!!!

  4. YAY!!!! I'm so honored to appear on your blog Terri! I've been following for years :)
    And Yes (with a big Y) I'm a Numina addict. They are my absolute models to create and sew doll fashion.
    Thanks alot to share my photo!