Spotted on Prego...

Photograph by Tom in CA
JamieShow Phoenix Gene in DAE's "Aphrodite." 
Wig by Ilaria.


I haven't been posting much mainly because I've been binge reading, watching movies and the Mr. Selfridge TV series. It also seems to be a quiet time in the fashion doll world with the occasional release of a stunning doll like Kingdom Doll's, Brighton. Integrity Toys will have a reveal next month. Tonner releases dolls as they become available to pre-order or ship.

It appears that Alexandra Forbes is no longer photographing Ficondoll's new products. That's quite a loss for them as can be seen in this stiff photo of a their latest doll, Liu. She has a beautiful face but the photographer did not come close to Alex's photographic talent. The doll sold out in spite of the photos. I like Ficon's products and hope for their continued success.



  1. I wish I had known about Liu ahead of time. She's a real beauty.

  2. I think I like Phoenix better in this outfit then in the one she came with.
    Do you think there will be more Genes? I was surprised that Madra and Violet were rolled out for a single offering.
    Liu looks gorgeous...but boy do her joints pop out at you in the picture above.
    The Ficon's will really miss Alexandra Forbes. She, and you, have a great gift for capturing the best in your models.....and working around any design or construction issues they may have.
    As always love the blog
    Will C.

    1. Hi Will:
      Yes, I do believe there will be more Gene dolls. Someone mentioned vinyl versions but don't quote me as it's just hearsay.
      Thank you for your lovely comments.

  3. I guess I haven't been in the fashion doll world long enough to recognize Alexandra Forbe's photography enough to miss it, but I do love the look of that Ficon doll, her face is gorgeous and her outfit is fun too. Probably just as well I didn't know about her in advance, I'll be in enough trouble when the wife finds out how much Brighton cost...