BJD Pets 3D Printing

BJD Pets is a company that is creating 3D printed cats and dogs.

Aren't they just precious? Luckily there is no toy poodle (yet) or I would have to have one. So tempting. They do take orders for custom dolls.

From their FAQ page:
7. What's the difference between 3D print and resin?
Polyamide (3D print) and polyurethane (or resin) are two different materials. Printed cats are lighter but they have interesting texture to them. The gradients on polyurethane are airbrushed, while for 3D printing we use a combination of airbrushing and dyeing.
The velvety matte finish you can see on prints is a natural texture. We used to polish all prints, but now we don't, because once polished, it's impossible to apply dyes uniformly. And we like the texture too.)
Since we do dying on prints, colors penetrate the material and they don't wear off easily. The colors are pretty reliable. For polyurethane on the other hand we don't put any tinting on the joints.
Polyamide (3D print) is a very strong material. Very hard to break. And printed dolls hold a pose better because of the texture. Resin on the other hand is preferred by some of our customers, because it's smooth, slightly heavier and it feels nice.

Check out their website and Flickr for more FAQs and more pictures.

LINK:   http://pets.evethecat.com/index.php


  1. I think these guys seem to have the joints down the best of all the animal bjds I've seen and am excited you posted this. There is one group that makes these types of animals that has offered to do custom work that I seriously was tempted to go to for a special pet for my girls but this group might put in more detail. Happy holidays and enjoy your dolls and pet[s] and I am sure soon they will have a poodle!

    1. I caught myself before sending off an inquiry for a poodle. I was ready to send pictures and all that!
      Happy Holidays to you, too.

  2. Hello Terri!

    Thank you very much for this most interesting post.

    I very much liked their pug.

    It seems the two (I liked their picture, too) are Moscowites, as far as I could
    glean from the Russian version of their order form.

    This would mean customs again...what a pity.

    До свидания пока


    1. Customs fees are the bane of European collectors. Too bad. Is there no way at all to get around this? Shipping buddy???

  3. I really love these guys so much, epecially the cats, every time they pop up on my flickr I just have to stare at how adorable they are. I like they have a couple breeds. I would though like something a little more custom, because as already having one of my cats pass away a few years ago, it would be a way I could cherish them more. Course all my cats are butterballs XD so I dont know how that would convey haha...at least if it was the face.

    1. I love them, too! I think they will customize to your specifications but it would be costly. I had a small red poodle needle felted. You could go that way if you chose to.