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-No personal checks unless you are a long term customer.
-Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. I rarely hold items without a deposit. 
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May include other designers' fashions.

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***Madame Alexander Cissy, Cissette & Alex***
***Mod British Birds***

"Embassy Luncheon" Outfit $50
Excellent Condition
Consists of belted black dress which has a beaded collar, Wonderful red leaf-like headband hat, beaded clutch bag. earrings (possibly not original), gloves, faux fur.
This ensemble fits Kingdom Dolls, too, but the shoes aren't really meant for a highly arched foot.

"Devil May Care" Outfit $25
Consists of a silky long night gown, feather trimmed negligee, eye mask, earrings and shoes.
Excellent condition.


Gene Collector Cards Free with $25 Purchase from any of my sales pages. Ask.

Gene "Poolside" Outfit $20
Good used condition.

Trent Tennis Sweater and Shirt $15.


Trent Doll Stand - Ashton Drake $6
Very good condition. I have stands for Gene and Madra, too. Ask.


Set of 6 Gene Hat Stands - Ashton Drake $30
One has paint chipped off the base. Easy fix with some black paint.

Fringe Festival Ivy Complete Fashion Including Jewelry: $59. 
You will get the gown, shawl, gloves and shoes. Like new condition.  By Integrity Toys
(Fits Kingdom Dolls - except for the shoes.)



Jadde Lee "Breathtaking" Fashion $45
Fits MA Alex and all the dolls from that 16" line.
Gown, purse, shoes, stockings & earrings.


Riviera Posh Cissy $275

Includes dressed doll with  her original brunette wig plus THREE  additional blonde wigs and two wig boxes. She will come packed in her original box in an appropriate shipper.
Using the different wigs, she has so many looks. The sequin tap pants are under her long skirt which is a separate piece from the top.
Her brunette wig has a matching scarf tied into it. She's got pink bead earrings, a black bead bracelet and long pink gloves.
Fabulous condition.

It's been my experience that most Cissy dolls have some staining either from their wigs or their clothes.  


Vice Cissy $280.
I am including three additional fabulous pairs of shoes which are brand new.

Jason Wu's design for 21" fully articulated Cissy with pale blue eyes and a red bun. Her flawless face paint looks fabulous with her royal blue, silk charmeuse sheath accented by a black belt at the waist. Gold and rhinestone earrings, necklace and bracelet add a chic touch as do her 'nude' platform heels that have a black ruffle on back and worn with black fishnet pantyhose. She comes with sunglasses and a black, ultra-suede dog on a leash with a jeweled collar. She has newly engineered jointing with a concealed shoulder joint, elbow joint with a 45-degree bend, and a most inspired touch, ball-jointed wrists that bend and removable hands for endless dressing possibilities. Retired item. LE 200.

Vice has been displayed in an enclosed case and was never undressed or played with. 
I have her original box and shipper. 
She may have staining under her clothes and will not be undressed to verify. 
She is in visually perfect condition, clean, not faded in any way. 

This is a gorgeous, unique Cissy. It's one of three that were designed by Jason Wu. 


Cissette "Music, Music, Music" Trunk $100


Will be posting individual photos soon. Please read description. You cannot click on the photos from the Xmas trunk as this is a photo of all the photos.



Two 10" Cissette Outfits $15 For both.

Also fits Tiny Kitty.


Heads: From 16" Alex Line $3 each

Most come with COA for identification. Some have messy eyelashes. 

Back to Basics, Back to Basics (2), Breakfast at the Breakers

Red Label,  Tropicana


Mod British Birds: Daisy and Willow
In June 1999, Doug James and Laura Meisner unveiled a line of dolls celebrating the 1960's mod era. They were a unique concept - two dolls, Daisy Field and Willow Somers with fashions that revolved around the British Mod movement of the 1960's. Daisy Field is half British, half Hindu with dark skin and Willow Somers is British. They are best friends and their fathers co-own a London department store called Somers & Field. Knickerbocker produced the dolls and outfits in 1999 thru 2001 and then the line was discontinued. The dolls are 16.5" tall and made of heavyweight vinyl. Their faces are beautifully painted and the wigs are top quality. The outfits sold separately for the dolls were also top quality with linings, silks, wools and beautifully made shoes.   

Made for 16-17 inch dolls. Will fit Gene and Tyler dolls.  

I've also seen them on Integrity Toys' 16" dolls.
(Shoes may not fit other 16" dolls.)

Outfit: Grand Prix  $30.
Opened and out of box.


Two dolls are in original boxes which are signed by the two designers. Signed Boxes are large and doll can be shipped for a lower price if in a different box. The boxes are in less than perfect condition but not dirty or odoriferous at all - just a bit dented. 

(If you just want the outfit off the doll,  I will do that for you and give the doll away.)

Willow: GoGo Dressed Doll $29
Mod outfit and great hair on this pretty Willow doll. Signed box.


Willow: Swimsuit with Wigs and Accessories Dressed Doll  $29
You will get the lovely dressed, as shown, Willow doll along with tiny bobby pins and three hairpieces. One of the included hairpieces is not shown.
Willow's hair is a glued on wig. The separate hairpieces are intended to enhance any existing hairstyle.


Daisy: Supper With Friends Dressed Doll $29
Excellent Condition. Gorgeous doll!
Signed Box


  1. Hi Terri,
    What did you do with all those Alex bodies? Where did the heads come from? Just curious....

    1. You're the first person to ask! I bought the heads from someone. I never asked her what she was doing with the bodies. I thought I'd do some type of project with the heads but it never came to pass.

  2. Hi Terri, do you still have talk of Tribeca head.?
    I love her hair..
    And can you buy bodies yet?lol..
    Thanks for your time..
    Hugs Amber in Mn Bashette

    1. Hi Amber: Yes, she's available. I imagine someone must be selling bodies but I never wanted to rebody these girls.
      If you wish to purchase the head, please email me. The email address is at the top of this page. Postage will be inexpensive but I'll need your zip code to give you the correct total.