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and Friends

Nude Jadde Lee Doll  $20
This doll has full articulation, including her toes. She's in very good condition for her age.
In the full-length photos, the sun is shining on parts of her body through the window. They are not different colors.


Museum Gala partial Outfit consisting of a cropped charcoal sweater and pearl-embellished gray taffeta ball-gown skirt.  $20


Cissette "Veronica Franco" $69.
Like new condition.
Dressed and coiffed to represent Veronica Franco, a celebrated and intellectual courtesan of 16th century Venice. 

Comes with original box and papers, hangtag and plastic protecting her under her clothes.  
White stand included.


Cissette "Brazil" $59.
Excellent condition.
10" Brazil, a Cissette with Latin skin, bent knees and arms, brown eyes and long, black, center-parted hair that is pinned up in back, is dressed for a Carnival. Wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit with strategically placed colored beads and stones plus amethyst and garnet multi-sized beads around her neck, Brazil is a sight to behold. Her look is embellished by wrist cuffs made from green vinyl and feathers and a magnificent headdress of a green glitter, canvas crown that has been decorated with a beaded appliqué and large green feathers. Tan wedge sandals with bead trim complete Brazil's outfit.


Boutique Shadow Cissette Couture $110.
She is wearing a removable pink wig from Cissette "Closet Full of Couture" Shadow Doll and comes with two gorgeous fashions and accessories.

Black dress, jewelry, rhinestone belt, removable hat pin, feathered hat and bow-embellished shoes. 
--------- PLUS ----------- More

Includes bead embellished blouse, embroidered skirt, gray jacket with faux fur and rhinestone button, earrings, handbag and panties.
The shoes and black hosiery shown on the dressed doll in the silver suit are not part of the collection. The black pumps and beige stockings are.


"Take to the Skies" 10-inch Cissette $49.
Silver lame´ pilot suit featuring shorts and mid-length sleeves with blue lame´ trim. A gold eagle is on the front of her suit, flight arrows on the side of her shorts, wired lame´ scarf, silver boots, soft silver helmet and gold goggles are included.


Cissette "Music, Music, Music" Trunk $100

From the UFDC Madame Alexander Doll Convention.
All items have been removed from the trunk and replaced. I used this set for a photo shoot for FDQ several years ago and then replaced items although they made be out of order.
Everything is in excellent condition.
The trunk itself is suede trimmed with brown vinyl and metal edges. It opens up to two drawers which lift up and away to show two more drawers and the bottom of the box. The theme of music is rather obvious from the lining. It's such a wonderful little set with three complete fashions and accessories. 
Great deal at $100.


Christmas Cissette Trunk Set $99.
Never displayed. This photo shoot was the only time the items were removed from the trunk which was new when I purchased it.
Excellent condition.
Please read the description:
One Doll
Three fabulous complete outfits.
The case with drawers for storage.
The doll has staining on her shoulder, waist and under her arms - so typical for MA dolls.
Some of my photos show three dolls but only one doll comes with the set. (The doll in the plaid dress.)
I am the only and original owner.
Original price over $200.
Makes a great holiday display.

Actual contents of Trunk are shown in the photo above.


Lot of Two 10" Cissette Outfits $15 For both.
Mix and Match. Also fits Tiny Kitty.t


Heads: From 16" Alex Line  $3 each.
I have more.

Most come with COA for identification. Some have messy eyelashes. 

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  1. Hi Terri,
    What did you do with all those Alex bodies? Where did the heads come from? Just curious....

    1. You're the first person to ask! I bought the heads from someone. I never asked her what she was doing with the bodies. I thought I'd do some type of project with the heads but it never came to pass.

  2. Hi Terri, do you still have talk of Tribeca head.?
    I love her hair..
    And can you buy bodies yet?lol..
    Thanks for your time..
    Hugs Amber in Mn Bashette

    1. Hi Amber: Yes, she's available. I imagine someone must be selling bodies but I never wanted to rebody these girls.
      If you wish to purchase the head, please email me. The email address is at the top of this page. Postage will be inexpensive but I'll need your zip code to give you the correct total.