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for more outfits fit for Kingdom Dolls

Outfit from Victoria London "Cocktails at the Shard" (12" Monarch Doll) $199.
I've never had this outfit on Victoria so I borrowed Alexandra Forbes' gorgeous promotional photo.

Victoria is a 12" doll from Kingdom Doll. This fashion is a jumpsuit in a steel color with a lilac/purple lining. The handbag has a purple strap and a pearl strap. It comes with a "gold" arm bracelet and lilac pumps. Everything is in NEW condition.

Authentic Kingdom Doll "Rifle" Handbag  $20 
New condition.


Authentic Kingdom Doll Handbag $35. 
Opens. Big enough to carry sunglasses and other doll necessities.
New Condition


Ficon 2PM resin Right Hand $15.
This is the same hand. The lighting in the first picture is different than the others. The nail color is platinum.
Unused Hand.


  1. Buying from you was a completely wonderful experience. Thank you for the appropriate packing of the items! That is something that is often overlooked and things are shoved into baggies - you took the time to make sure there was tissue paper and a box. Again, thank you.

    1. From the time I first began selling, I decided I would package the goods the way I wanted to receive them. Over the years, I have repeat customer after repeat customer. Attention to detail counts and I'm so happy to hear you were pleased.
      Thank you.