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-Please contact me at with your zip code or country 
and the name of the items you wish to purchase.
-I accept Paypal as merchandise or personal. (no e-checks.)  USPS Money orders accepted.
-No personal checks unless you are a long term customer.
-Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. No hold without deposit. 
-References on Prego, Studio Commissary, eBay as golden_country.


Jade Wig in Panda Coloring (by Monique Gold) Wig size 4/5 $18
Never used.

Bag of Mohair for Wig Making $5 


Size 3-1/4" Wig for Tiny BJD $10
Yellow ribbons. New with Tag.


Size 3-1/4" Wig for Tiny BJD $10 
White ribbons. New with Tag.


"Jade" (Monique Gold) Wig Size 5-6 $15
Fits Sybarite and dolls with similar sized heads.  Color: Raven with Platinum Highlights. Styled with bangs and long straight hair that curves at bottom.  Bottom is Platinum.
New with Tag.


Synthetic Mohair Doll Wig Size 7-8 Blonde and Soft Brown $10. Each
Elastic border inside. Soft and natural. Can be combed.
Large on Ellowyne. Images on the right are for style, not color.
Unused with original packaging.


SIZE 5/6 Wigs $5. each
My model is an Integrity Toy's Avantguard doll. These are stretch soft cap wigs that were made for Rudi Teruel's "Angel's" 16" BJD Dolls.
All are in excellent condition. Very full and easy to restyle if desired.



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