Sales: Wigs & Wig-Making Material


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_______________WIGS and WIG MAKING______________

Saran for Rerooting: Minimum 2 bags. $7. per bag.
You can check original prices at
Please specify the color and quantity desired. 

Available Colors:
Sky Blue 2
Fairy Lights 2
Platinum Blond 2
Honey Blond 2
Blondilicious 1-1/2
White Platinum 1
Ash Blond 1
GAW 1-1/2
CM Ruby 2
Firemist 2
Oxidized Julia 1

The 2 half (Blondilicious and GAW) bags are $2.50 each

Genuine Saran Hair from $4.50 per bag
Check the website for better photos of color and to compare prices. 
Each hank contains enough hair to root a 1/6 scale doll with hair extending to the middle of her behind. (9.5" - Medium)
Mink Brown 1
Sable Brown 1
Mocha Brown 1
Raven Black 1
Blend of brown and black. 1  $4.50



$1.75 per bag . skip to the part where she actually does something @ 4:00


"Faith" (Monique Gold) Wig Size 5-6 $15
Fits Sybarite and dolls with similar sized heads.  Color: Raven with Platinum Highlights. Styled with bangs and long straight hair that curves at bottom.  Bottom is Platinum.
New with Tag.

Just to show styling on a doll. Color is as above.


Synthetic Mohair Doll Wig Size 7-8 Blonde and Soft Brown $10. Each
Elastic border inside. Soft and natural. Can be combed.
Large on Ellowyne. Images on the left are to show style, not color. The pictures on the right are the actual wigs.


Wig Making
The following 4 items are from projects that I never got started with. I'm sure the prices were higher but I need to move the stuff out.

Platinum Curls (Made for Dolls) $1.00


Very curly extensions (made for humans) $10.

Braided - Made for Humans $15




  1. Terri,
    I'm interested in rerooting to give a more matured look. Which color would you recommend? -Ori

  2. To continue from that last email... I was thinking a mix of fairy lights and platinum blonde to look mature. Wasn't sure on the exact color of fairy lights, but if blue toned, that could look like silver mixed with platinum? What do you think?