Queen of the Night, Venetian Muse Barbie! $100.

At the stroke of midnight, she arrives in all her dark glory to an opulent palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal, where guests at a masquerade ball revel in gothic grandeur. Her entrance stuns the spirited crowd—they gaze at her in silence. Venetian Muse Barbie®!
Only the trancelike melody of a flute accompanies the mysterious beauty as she makes her way through the gilded ballroom. Her presence conjures worlds of luxury and elegance, for she is an enchantress—a queen summoned from magical realms.
Venetian Muse Barbie® Doll, the inspiration for myriad wondrous dreams, wears a resplendent ebony satin gown featuring a magnificent front panel embossed with ornamental gold filigree and silver sparkles.
She captivates her audience—a regal vision, illuminated by a glorious crown embellished with glittering beads and an extravagant fan of black tulle.
Her intricate headdress reflects the brilliant golden sunburst jewelry on her fitted bodice, casting rays of light upon her transfixed admirers. Enthralled, they await the hour of revelation.
She raises her hand, veiled in seductive shadowy net, as an indication she will now reveal her alabaster visage. In a show of respect, a haunting aria dramatizes the heralded moment.
Time stands still as she draws back the graceful wand of her ornate gold and polished ivory mask.
Her subjects are mesmerized by the hypnotic power of her azure-hued eyes, defined by arched brows and vibrant vermillion lips. She is a true goddess, reminiscent of the divine muses of Roman mythos.

The ladies in waiting and their men bow in appreciation, gratified for the gift she has bestowed upon them. Her glow has awakened their senses and ignited their artistry. Enlightened, they’re ready to take flight, blessed by the exquisite Venetian Muse—their secret Queen of the Night.

Model Muse Body, Louboutin Sculpt, Fashion is NOT sewn on.

Her eyelids are covered in glitter.


  1. The full-length photograph is particularly dramatic, and immediately drew my attention. Her face is lovely, though glitter and sequins/paillettes are not my favorites as they seem to separate themselves quite easily from the doll or clothes on which they arrived. (I'm thinking in particular of the Black and White Gala Violett Sommers dress.) However, she is worth serious consideration even if she is not articulated...

    1. My problem with glitter is that it usually sticks to the doll herself and gets on everything else.

  2. Hmmmmm.....the term "embossed" bothers me. It implies a printed process for what probably should be embroidered work and since embossing usually means a raised surface then when combined with the word "sparkles" I am led to think......gold metalic "puffy paint" and "glitter". Eeeechhhhhh.
    All the same she is striking doll.
    as always love the blog
    Will C.

  3. What a cool looking dress!