Mel Odom's JAMIEshow Madra "Spotted in Manhattan"

In a very unusual move, George put this Jamieshow Madra on sale for 20% off during the Labor Day weekend. Her price dropped from $525. to $420. which caused me to take a second look. Actually, the main reason I became interested was that I had seen so many gorgeous photos of her posted by collectors who already had her.
I went back and forth with the decision for about 24 hours and finally decided to go for it. She arrived yesterday and I'm happy I purchased her.
Her face paint is perfect. The resin is the same silky material used for all the Jamieshow dolls. She will make a great model for my collection of Gene Marshall clothing.
There was an issue with her necklace. I sent a photo to George and within a few hours I received a courteous response in which he told me he'd send a replacement out ASAP. As always, the customer service from his company has been excellent.
Madra comes with a ring that matches her other jewelry. It's huge. It could be worn on a chain.
The dress will need a light pressing as the train is packed folded vertically and you won't see much of the leopard print unless you smooth it out a bit.
I also recommend putting pantyhose on the doll as the strap of the shoes may stain. There's a faint line across one of my doll's ankles. You could also coat the inside of the strap with a strip of something flexible.

In these photos, Madra is posing on a Horsman chaise. The table in the background is CED.
I have her redressed already. Now I have to pick out some wigs.

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