Announcing the Third 2014 W Club Exclusive Doll

When I saw the name of the character, Mademoiselle Jolie, I was happy for a brief moment. Then I read further to discover that it is not Elise Jolie, whose sculpt I adore, but Isha, whose sculpt I do not care for in this incarnation. Her lips are parted and her teeth are showing.
This is what Isha used to look like before they rehabbed her to look like everyone else. Pretty gorgeous, right?

Note: You can click on any picture to bring up a larger version.

Here is the new Isha. I think the teeth will be easy to cover.

She is called Ombres Po├ętique and will cost W Club members $150. plus postage.
I like platinum hair but hair bumps are so over. I think the first thing I saw after the teeth was the sweeping eye makeup. The jury is still out on that.

I like the lingerie.

She certainly looks dramatic but the more I look at the gown, the more the black lace trim looks over-scaled. It's not working. I hope the production doll uses a better trim.

We've seen this gown shape several times on FR dolls. Reinterpretations don't bother me. Three of the gowns pictured below are more or less successful designs. I will have to see the new one in person to be sure.

The only other Mme. Jolie that was produced was a OOAK auction doll at the HiFi convention several years ago. This is a picture by Rob Thompson found on his robsdolls.com website. I would have loved that hairstyle and gown! But then it would not be a OOAK for the person who bought it.

Maybe I can dye the gown.... it could be a quinceanera dress.

What do you think of this new Mme. Jolie?


  1. I liked her- dress is pretty, the extra lingerie really great! Like the chunky necklace, the hair is fine (beehive slightly different than usual- most Integrity hairstyles are not very daring). I think the teeth are okay because all my other dolls are closed-mouthed, plus it's an easy fix. We'll see how she looks in person. Seems like the Integrity prototypes are often really different than the final product.

  2. The dress would have worked better if the trim on the top tier of the skirt had been omitted. The straighter line seems to fight with the curve of the trim on the bottom part, making her look wider at the hips. Agree about the teeth being unattractive; they seem to pick up the color of the hair and make them pop too much.

  3. Terri- what is the name of that Isha wearing the blue dress in the top left? THAT is a doll I might need to have, wow.

    1. She was part of a W Club FAO Event giftset.