Time for Pretty Dolls

I like pretty dolls. They appeal to my desire to see myself as forever young and beautiful.
Currently, my only Ellowyne, "Gilded Gloom", gets the feminine treatment in "Ruffled Up."

Avantguard "On Edge" is a fairly recent purchase. I sold off all of my Avantguards as I was disgusted with their bodies. I did love the Goldmine sculpt, however, and when I saw this doll for a very fair price I hit the buy-it-now button.
The body is crappy, wiggly, too thin and unstable. Am I making myself clear? Could be one of the reasons they were discontinued. The other reasons, well that's for another post.
Anyway, along comes Tulabelle with her giant head and her 'pick me up by my lips' mouth.
Body switching ensues and voilĂ ! We have a beautiful doll. In the pictures, the fashion is from Yeti to Wear. The shoes are JamieShow. The wig is by Patta.

Yes, she is standing on her own, thanks to the solid joints of this body and the well-made JamieShow shoes.

A girl can't have enough furs, lace and jewelry.


  1. Beautiful, Terri.
    And isn't Ellowyne a lovely doll?
    I love her and haven't out an Ellowyne out to play in ages.
    Some dolls you really feel the 'play' factor while others are beautiful models that you may enjoy in a different way.
    You inspire me to get my both my AG & Ellowyne out of the closet, so to speak...lol.

    1. I am happy to read your reaction. One Ellowyne is enough for me at this time. She really has a different era and aura about her than the rest of my collection. This one pleases me.

  2. Well done! Gorgeous!

  3. On Edge never looked better!
    To me Tulabelle just seems to be a Ellowyne wannabe....
    Amazing how much better she looks with the On Edge head!
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  4. OMG @Terri Gold! "pick me up by the lips mouth"! That is the funniest thing I have ever read on this blog! TG just got real all over Tulabelle....
    These pics are gorgeous as always.

  5. I have to say Poppy's lips are huge compared to Tulabelle! I don't see any Ellowyne influence on her either. Terri, when did you start to like Poppy?

    Your photos are always so fine!


    1. I don't dislike Poppy...I just don't collect her. There have been some very pretty Poppys.