Tailored Tuxedo Ken Doll - Barbie Fan Club Exclusive

My first thought was "Are they serious?" Did anyone look at this doll's hair and face before releasing the photos? He is one of the worst looking Kens I've seen and there have been plenty. This dude needs manscaping - especially those huge eyebrows.

Is the mole supposed to be attractive? I'd have that removed immediately if I were him. 

Interestingly, the suit appears to fit properly. That's a plus. 
I want to know what the doll on the left side of the picture is wearing. It looks really pretty.
Ken does his Titanic pose.

Description from BC.Com:

Designed by: Robert Best
Release Date: 8/14/2013
BFMC® celebrates its 2013 collection, direct from the atelier. A perfect escort is always impeccably dressed in a bespoke suit of quiet elegance. The epitome of exquisite black tie, Ken® wears a classic tuxedo. The beautifully tailored, single breasted jacket features stylish peak lapels and a single vent. His crisp white shirt is worn with a white satin bow tie and a vest. Tailored Tuxedo Ken® captures the look of modern formalwear at its best. Tailored Tuxedo Ken® doll is available exclusively to members of The Barbie Fan ClubSM.
Release date: 08/14/2013
Body Type:Silkstone® Ken
Skin Tone:Classic Beige Silkstone®
Facial Sculpt:Silkstone® Ken
Fashion Sewn On?:No

Included with doll:
Stand, shoes, bowtie, jacket, shirt, vest, belt, pants.  [mole]
There is a limit of 1 doll per BFC membership while supplies last.

I apologize in advance to anyone who is offended by my mole humor. I'm just having fun. Some moles will not do anything medically bad. Others need to be watched carefully.


  1. I guess Robert was trying to make the doll look like himself. Did anyone else notice the same mole placement? Lol

  2. Yes, I noticed the mole placement as being like Roberts.. But that doll is really unattractive. Bad hair, bad eyebrows, and a mole, no less.

  3. I think the dress on the doll on the right of Ken is Pinch of Platinum dress:


  4. Is the doll supposed to look like its creator? It's strange that the promo pics would include a mole.


    1. It's not just the promo; it's the doll who sports a mole. I don't understand why he thought it was appropriate.

  5. Is he really that bad? I think this one is kinda nice. I'm not a Ken fan myself but I'm thinking of getting this cuz he look so nice with the Mermaid Gown which I have. Yes Mattel has never done a really good job for Ken (except maybe the Harley Davidson Ken from 2010) but they're trying, so maybe the is going to be THE Ken doll to collect in the future...

    1. To each his own! I hope you are happy with him but I don't think he will be THE Ken.

    2. I don't think so too but I'm optimistic. As you said the suit fits him well so that's one good thing. Hopefully this will turn out better than the Nicolai.

  6. This doll will be as quickly on clearance as the two Mad Men male dolls were (or are). I don't even understand the "need" (if there is one)
    for the doll other than for its tuxedo.

  7. Ewww, he is so NOT hot.

    The only hot looking guys I've ever seen at 1/6 scale are the Hot Toys men that look like real men. All the others look like girl boys, IMO. Rooted hair on male dolls looks awful to me, unless it's flocked.

  8. In Barbie and Ken's tumultuous off again/on again relationship, I'm predicting a solid "off again" in the near future. Mattel seems to be giving this designer free rein. Possibly a great thing...maybe someone will bring back the pivotal body! Or, gasp, redesign a more articulate body. don

  9. is time the silkstone dolls start to be pivotal at least to sit down or some articulated arms is more of the same diferent color clothes and the mold no good. is time to change for the good,

  10. Maybe Barbie with get turned off by the 'Mole'
    Is this now a clue as the doll may be based off Robert Best, that Ken is finally getting his own closet to come out of?
    I guess each to their own, but this doll is just big bad song created for a singer who wants to display their ego!

  11. "Is this now a clue as the doll may be based off Robert Best, that Ken is finally getting his own closet to come out of?"

    What does that have to do with anything????????