Mattel's New "Ever After High" Dolls

Too much of a good thing is............................wonderful!
Following Monster High's great success, Mattel has come up with a similarly sized line of dolls called Ever After High. The characters are the children of fairy tale parents with their own painful,  teenage high school issues 
Quoting from the SDCC Unofficial Blog:
The premise of the show is similar to Monster High, where the kids of famous fairytale parents attend high school and face a dilemma. Instead of the notion of fitting in like in Monster High, the fairytale tweens are faced with the burden of either following or not following their famous parents footsteps. So are you a Royal or a Rebel (We’re suddenly having flashbacks of West Side Story)?  Whichever side you favor, this should provide an interesting twist as most will associate anything fairytale related with a Disney storyline.

 I think these dolls will capture the hearts of MH lovers everywhere.

Click here to see several brief videos.

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  1. They all seem to have the same face or is it me? Marsha, Enchanticals