Enjoying My Dolls

One of my favorite gowns on a favorite doll, Inro. The fashion is from Tonner's Hypnotic Antoinette. I love when fashions from different dolls are interchangeable. Wig by Ilaria.

Here is Jamieshow Ling Lan wearing a Doll Peddlar Exclusive by Ficondoll called Baram2. Wig by Cheryl Wood.

This is what it looks like with all it's pieces...lots of options.

Leonie got a gift from Cheryl Wood of an edgy blonde wig. It suits her well. She is wearing Miss G Black's fashion. Ficon dolls have wobbly legs and although I try, I cannot pose her without a stand.

I sold all of my Avantguard dolls months ago due to loose joint issues and discoloration issues. I really didn't think I'd buy another but I wanted the shoes from On Edge. Don't tell me you never bought a doll to get a pair of shoes! Actually it's the first time I did it and I'm glad. I like this sculpt and always have. She is wearing her own wig (which was a nightmare to put on) and her own clothes. The glasses are Horseman/Urban Vita.

I'm currently in the middle of reorganizing my doll room which wasn't too organized to begin with. These things take time. :-)


  1. Can you please help me organize mu doll rooms

  2. how do we know you bought it for the shoes if you don't show us the shoes? you tease.... ;-)