2013 W Club Membership

2013 W Club  Kyori Sato Love The One
It's nice to know that they are keeping the membership fee to $50 for another year. There are two optional "upgrade" dolls one can choose to purchase.
Shown above is the Kyori called "Love The One..." I think the cape makes her look imprisoned because it is too long. I'm not a fan of the Burberry-Prorsum either but it looks like the model could move her arms if she chose.

The other doll is Poppy Parker dressed as a 1965 World's Fair guide. Pretty much everyone agreed that she looks like an airline hostess. It's not the most attractive presentation of Poppy we've seen.
To The Fair Poppy Parker Dressed Doll
Lufthansa uniforms from 1938 to 1979.
I'm not planning on getting either one but I am going to join again. I just hope it's not a waste of money since I really do not collect most of their dolls any longer but I do like a lot of the clothes.

And, if we're lucky, they'll come out with a decent FR2 that is not a horse-faced Tatyana or slutty-looking Ayumi.
Harsh, I know, but diplomacy is not uppermost in my mind tonight. I have had an allergic reaction to a sample from Sephora and it's around both my eyes. I want to rub but must not.

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  1. I wasn't wowed by the offerings this year either.....and no 16" announced for the "club".
    Reupped but I'm not expecting much anymore from them.
    As always, love the blog.
    Will C.

  2. This year I went plain, and purchased the base membership.

    Last year I purchased the membership with the two 12" dolls, for other members that had requested me, but when it was time to ship them, it was such a mess!!

    I did liked Poppy's face, but her outfit is kinda terrible. Kyori's face looks bad in the promos... maybe it is her eyes? I liked her dress though, but "I" don't need another black dress... right? =)

    I do not want to purchase any new dolls this year. But I know I will *giggle* (even if I only have the time to photograph them, and send them to new homes)

  3. I went with the basic membership as well. This is the first year that I did not order a upgrade doll. I too like Kyori's black dress. I hope I am able to purchase it later.