Inamorata Mirrorball by Emlia Nieminen

Today's email from Haute Doll stated:

"The long wait is finally over: the INAMORATA doll line was revealed in an exclusive article by Jill Jackson on the Haute Doll January 2013 issue. Get your HD issue on stores now or order eletronically!"

That was very intriguing news as Emilia has been sending out teasers for a while. Well, the dolls look like they are going to be quite wonderful. No information on pricing was available. They are 16" polyurethane resin BJDs with 20 points of articulation. Emilia states that they were designed to look as good undressed as dressed.

Here are pictures of the OOAK that Emilia shows on her Flickr Site that will be auctioned off at IDEX in a few months.

In my opinion, Emilia is one of the most talented persons in the doll world. She says that these dolls are the realization of her life-long dream. I think it's a supreme, creative achievement and I am looking forward to seeing these dolls in the hands of collectors.
 If you wish to see more images and read Emilia's artist statement you will need to get the Haute Doll digital edition.


  1. that dress alone is outstanding! I have been receiving the newsletters too, and I look forward for more photos of the dolls =) Em'lia sure is VERY talented!

  2. Not only is Emilia incredibly talented, she is such a nice human being. I finally got up the nerve to send her an email (from an unabashed Fan-Girl, I admit it!!) and she was/is incredibly gracious and humble.

    I can't WAIT to get my own Inamorata!! I told her it's worse than waiting for Christmas. ;3

    p.s. LOVE your blog, Terri. :D

    1. So very true! Emilia is a delight to chat with.