In a recent post, I commented that I really like several of the Fashion Royalty outfits from the last two years. I also mentioned that I purchased another Pale Fire Vanessa because my original was altered (by myself) and I wanted the original again.

I was going to sell the altered version but...yesterday, her head was affixed to an FR2 body and I dressed her in (most of) World on a String Eugenia's outfit and she's staying.  I say "most of" because the shoes do not fit on the FR2 body. I hate that.
Pale Fire Vanessa - Altered Version (Not that you can really tell anyway.)
 It's interesting that as I look back on dolls I may have altered, the originals often start to look better and better. Of course, some are still "what were they thinking dolls" but apparently my tastes change from year to year.

When I think about the dolls from the first FR convention I ever attended in Toronto, I think of how I did not like Gliteratti Veronique's hair or Intoxicating Mix Vanessa's hair. Gliteratti was the first re-root I ever did by myself and I had IM's done for me. I wish I had the originals now, especially Vanessa. I have repurchased her fashion (more than once) and at one time I had an extra NRFB.
Sigh. Easy come; easy go. I won (!) her at a convention when Jason chose one of my photographs as the winner in the contest. Those were the days.
Re-rooted Gliteratti Veronique
Original Gliteratti
Re-rooted Intoxicating Mix Vanessa
Intoxicating Mix - Original Hairstyle. Mattel's "My Fair Lady" pink frilly items.

So now that I am reminiscing over past dolls, there are two dolls I regret selling, one is High Gloss Agnes and the other is Spectacular, Spectacular Eugenia. They were both wonderful to photograph. In fact, I used SS Eugenia for a feature article I did in FDQ back then.
High Gloss Agnes

Spectacular, Spectacular Eugenia

I used to get every single Fashion Royalty doll that was produced except for those that were made for special people like the Saks 5th Avenue Agnes. I don't even know anyone who has her. 

I'm very happy with the dolls I have. When I'm not, they get voted off the island.

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