Will anyone buy this? Really?

Even the title of the doll cracks me up: "Brazilian Banana Bonanza" Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie. Say that quickly 3 times.
She is listed at $150. That's $140. for the long name and $10 for the bananas.  

Here's the promo copy from Mattel:
Designed by: Robert Best
Release Date: 11/15/2012
Product Code: W3515
She’s a glamazon from the Amazon, a Latin bombshell as hot and steamy as Rio. This tutti fruitti beauty celebrates the vibrant rhythms of Brazil: the sultry samba, the bossa nova. And while performing in her tropical wonderland, the perfect, jazzy fashion fantasy is festooned with brilliant yellow bananas!
Bob Mackie draws inspiration from a South American paradise. Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie® wears an exuberant, white-and-lime striped sarong. The dramatic skirt is edged with a bounty of “bananas.” Her basket headpiece holds “fruit” and hibiscus “blossoms.” Lace up platform sandals and colorful earrings and bangles complete her look. The final pièce de résistance is her favorite companion— an exotic “feathered” friend.
Good grief.

BTW  It's spelled tutti frutti, not tutti fruitti.


  1. DollGrrlTrixie11/19/12, 9:48 PM

    that's just a whole lot of wrong.... things are all out of proportion....her head would be crushed by that hat!.... mackie isn't even designing this abomination- poor robert best. mattel, how far you have fallen.

  2. Hmm, this is one of those things that seems kind of racist without being overt about it. I have a feeling Mattel is going to be getting some feedback. I'm not a Latina, but I don't know how I would feel about the stereotypical "Latin bombshell" & the bananas & the fruit hat. Though I do like the bird :-)

  3. Okay, all of it is so wrong- I cannot stop laughing. The bananas seem to be coming out of the crotch of her sarong. OMG. LOL!!!!!

    1. Maybe Mattel is doing a "Drag Queen" line we aren't aware of. No, strike that. I've seen better dressed drag queens.

  4. I love this doll.
    It really elevates the artistry of doll creation.

    It looks very much like a OOAK doll made specially for an auction. And now, collectors can choose to add this doll (or not) to their collection at this reasonably low price. Hell, it's a Mackie.
    I would definitely get it. It's just a matter of choosing the right time to enjoy free shipping/ special discounts.

  5. I honestly loved the doll when the pictures loaded - She is very pretty and I love the makeup/screening. I will have to say - the price point is hilarious. She just seems like a $40-60 kind of doll.

    It seems kind of silly to expect her to sell for that price. If Im not mistaken - those bananas are dipped in glitter, and so is the bird. Very reminiscent of the dolls I had back in the 90s. Would be complete if they had scented her in banana .. !

    Then again, I wouldnt be surprised if she sells. The ghost doll sold out and the plastic dress blondes doll seems to be a big seller. Im not liking this trend of higher prices lower quality "statues".

    I will wait for the prices to go down - my sister's name translates to banana and I think this would look cute accompanied by a pair of heels. I wouldnt go out of my way to get her though.

  6. Best at his Worst! Yeesh!

  7. This is SOOO effing INSULTING..I am latino, my mom (daughter of a jewish man adn a portuguese woman) was actually born in Porto Alegre Brazil (tho raised in Buenos Aires), so I feel personally INSULTED by this doll....and Bob Mackie designed it WTF?....this is riduclous...I am really disgusted by it....
    Couldn't they google braziliam women? the most famous these days being Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Isabelli Fontana, along with a long LOOOONG long list of other top models these days...Mattel should be really really embarrased by this doll!!

  8. One of the most tacky looking dolls since I saw my first Toilet Paper cover doll at my Aunts house in Brooklyn some 40 years ago! LOL
    Is there ANY fabric other than the 'swoosh' of a sari and the little strip that covers her bustline? It's predominantly plastic and looks cheap and playline...If anyone pays 150.00 + shipping for this MESS, they deserve what they get...150.00 worth of rubber/plastic!
    BTW...There is soooo much plastic on this thing it should come with an environmental warning!!!

  9. So hideous, lol!

  10. O..............M...............G!!!!!!!!!! This is so bad, I'd almost buy for the camp value. For $19.99, NOT $150!!! Looks like a terrible cake-topper. This is all shades of wrong. Needs glitter to "complete" the look.

    I half-expect to hear Ricky Ricardo saying something to his wacky red-haired wife...... except this girl has dark brown hair.

    Carmen Miranda must be rolling in her grave.

  11. Mmmm, some one had too many Pina Coladas that day.

  12. @ Dolling Boy. I'm Asian... Imagine Fantasy Goddess of Asia... HAHA.

  13. I have a theory that Bob Mackie has information (or photographs) of a negative publicity value on someone in a high position at Mattel. This can be the only logical explanation for this long line of monstrosities Mattel will produce under the legendary Bob Mackie name.