Tonner Launches Dr. Seuss Collection

Image courtesy Tonner Doll Company, Inc. Photography ©ernestopadrocampos. ©Tonner Doll Company, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Cat's hat
LE 500
LE 500
 Sam I Am 
 LE 500 
If you have a passion for fashion,
And colors galore,
You'll love this new Dr. Seuss line - 
Just wait and see what's in store!
Never a dull moment at the Tonner Doll Company! This is quite the unexpected offering, isn't it?
All dolls use the Monica Merrill head sculpt on the Tyler BW body.

They have some of that Wilde Imagination vibe going on with their intense colors and mixing of style. I like the fashions and I can visualize lots of mixing possibilities.
Although I'm not a fan of Monica Merrill's cartoonish sculpt, I think she is perfect for these dolls.

All dolls are available to order and ship now.


  1. Do you wonder what Tonner is thinking of these days? Methinks he throws darts at the wall to produce dolls that remarkably few buyers would have an actual interest in buying. (That and "authorized likenesses" of famous people that bear no resemblance to the actual people are Tonner mainstays.) Remember the Mrs. Santa Claus line, the blue Mrs. Frost, the child star doll, TRON, etc., etc.? Add these to the forthcoming clearance sale! YEGADS!

    1. I don't agree with the dartboard theory, but I do appreciate your comments. I think every doll designer in the vinyl category has a few hits and a few misses. Tonner has an enormous fan base!