Ajuma is in the House!

Ajuma, Paul Pham's newest Numina (LE50) has arrived in time for the holidays. She has definitely cheered me up.

Her hard cap made by Chewin is beyond unique.
I've had several Numina and always wound up trading them for other dolls due to the difficulty I had with the knee joint. But a little birdie told me I could wire the knees which will firm them up and give me the stability I desire in a BJD. I'm going to have to do the same with my Ficon Leonie.

Pants pockets are trimmed with zipper teeth.
 I love the colors she is wearing.
Pink Suede Boots
 Numina have the largest feet of all my BJDs.

Fooling around with Photoshop.
Link: Paul Pham @ Dollcis


  1. Amazing. Truly!

  2. gorgeous shots! her skin looks amazing with all that color

  3. Awesome! Love the necklace-could use one myself!

  4. Wow... She is gorgeous Terri, congrats!!! I agree, her colors are beautifull :) Love your photos, I always found the dark skinned dolls to be so hard to photograph!!!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the pictures, too.


  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful doll!
    If I ever make the jump to resin it will be a "Numina".
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  7. She's marvellous!

  8. Sorry -- my comments are all negative. I was never very impressed with Paul's (lack of) ability to sculpt. I always wish I had a Dremel in hand when viewing one of Paul's dolls. He has no idea how to sculpt a credible human eye. He needs to learn anatomy. I recommend he take a class before he sculpts another freak like this.

    The Juicy Couture quality outfit doesn't help. Neither do those cheap looking pink booties.

    1. I think you are a coward for posting anonymously.

  9. This doll is amazing! Love the hair.