Second 2012 W Club Exclusive FR Doll

"Out Sass" Vanessa Perrin is dressed in a stunning mix of color and styles.
Out Sass
Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll
Fall 2012 FR W Club Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $125
Limited Edition: TBA 
Special W Club Member Pricing: $125.00
Approximate Ship Date: Late Winter/Early Spring 2013
 IT calls it retro-chic; I call it talent. It's plain to see that the person who designed this outfit is not the same one who designed some of the convention collection's outfits (e.g. Veronique, Kyori, Vanessa.) The handbag is the only missed note of the entire fashion. It should have either been bigger or made to be a cool clutch.

I can only hope that it fits well because it looks like something is going on with the pleat at the back of the skirt.

Why is posing pigeon-toed so popular?
 This is Vanessa Redux 3 although in this photo, she looks like an awfully close relative of Poppy Parker.


  1. She's gorgeous, but I really want natural hair colors, not comic book color hair.

  2. Wow! Even though I have a weakness for redheads, I'm a little surprised at how much I like this doll! Unlike IT's Norma Desmond, the facial screening on this doll looks perfect. and totally matches the scupt. I agree w/Teri, the purse is out of scale. That kick pleat on the back of the skirt looks as if owner's might need to add a stitch or steam it into place. But then again we're seeing a prototype, this issue may have been corrected on the production doll.