Review: Lilac Frost Poppy W Club Exclusive

Finally after so many months of being packed and then moving in and waiting for my photo studio to be completed, I have my set-up going again. Lilac Frost is the first doll to be lucky enough to have a photo shoot in the new studio. Mr. Woodie is her accompanist.
This was a Club Exclusive but I don't think it was considered a Club doll. High End Envy Erin was the First 2012 Club Exclusive Doll. Whatever.
Here she is in all her lilac glory.
I think her screening is delightful. The outfit appears to be very well made and fits perfectly. The gloves...forget about it. I don't have time to fight with tight vinyl gloves. I love the hat!
 Her jewelry is pink rhinestone studs and bracelet.

 See the comparison above and below for the changes made from the promotional doll to the production doll. Above, of course is the production doll. Below is the promo.
In the promo, Poppy has only painted lashes. The production doll has an extra set of applied lashes. I like that as it makes her eyes smokier and more intense. Her actual screening is also more intense although that could be a result of the photographer's lighting.

If you love Poppy, you will have to have this one. I've seen photos in which the collector has loosened the upturned ends of her hair and she looks amazing.

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